Thursday, July 15, 2010

Qba @ Westin Kuala Lumpur

Qba's specialty might be steaks, but beef isn't essential for enjoying a full meal here.

Baja-style beer-battered prawn tacos with chive & habanero aioli. Surprisingly satisfying, thanks to a hearty helping of fresh-tasting ingredients. The bread was soft and fluffy, the prawns inside were juicy and the garnishes were pleasantly gooey.

Crumbed soft-shell crab fried with olive oil. Crisp and meaty, but not greasy.

Cuban beef empanadas with Chilean pebre (OK, OK, we could have completely skipped beef, but this sounded irresistible on the menu). Curry puff-like concoctions, stuffed with tender, flavorsome chunks of beef. And nope, not spicy at all.

Seafood paella. Not as moist as regular paella, but the grains were well-separated and richly infused with the scent of saffron. Quite a fair amount of prawns, squid and mussels buried beneath the mound of rice too.

Fried spaghetti. Mix the egg yolk with the spaghetti to give it a nice creaminess. Otherwise, it'd be fine as a stomach-filler, but pretty forgettable.

Rum-flambeed, coffee-scented bananas with short cake & yogurt ice cream. Warm, perfectly ripe bananas, accompanied by silky smooth ice cream. What's not to love?

Freshly made squash bread pudding with brown sugar & prunes with cinnamon ice cream. Don't decline the desserts here; some taste better than the savory stuff.

Caramelized Argentinian crepes with dulce de leche & caramel ice cream. Delightful enough to make me entertain thoughts of visiting Argentina for more of the same.

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The Westin, Kuala Lumpur.


  1. Mmmmmm. Everything looks good! Can qba do no wrong? :)

  2. j: heheh, qba CAN do wrong! surprisingly though, nearly all the items this time were worthwhile. sometimes all u need is a little luck, right? :D

  3. oooo, im gonna go to bed dreaming about these dessert hehe

  4. Augustdiners: talk about sweet dreams, eh :D

  5. I cant wait for the card! *rubs hands together in glee* ;p

  6. That rum banana and Argentinian crepe look darn good!

  7. Sometimes it's the company and not the food that seals the deal.

  8. another great place to visit la.. ;)

  9. tng: hope u'll enjoy using it! :D
    pureglutton: i often skip desserts, but not here! =)
    lemongrass: true, starwood hotels & resorts is quite a trusted company :D
    ciki: love the ambiance here too! =)

  10. Mayba Qba is the next place I'm going to utilise my Starwood card with :)
    shouldn't be that expensive with 50% discount right?

  11. leo: ya, if u stay away from the steaks and the cocktails, u'll be pleasantly surprised with the cost :D

  12. those do look like the sardine curry puffs!

  13. joe: ya, cute little critters! :D

  14. All the seafood dishes gets my top marks :) is that guacamole i see in the prawn tacos? yummss!!
    Didn't you tango all the way back after the meal? heheh..

  15. Elrond: I'm much better at modern dances than the tango! :D

  16. the Cuban beef empanadas really looked like curry puffs! you should have done a cross section for us to see how the stuffings looked like

  17. Eiling: heh, it just looks like minced beef, actually :D

  18. Hey there!

    been awhile since i last dropped by. hehe. Glad that you gave Qba another chance. =) Hopefully it'll get better and better!

    Have a good day!

    be well,
    Yoke May
    F&B Marketing