Saturday, July 3, 2010

Blue Cow Cafe @ Hartamas

Formerly Fogal's Meat Market, this place is still thriving. The best thing about it: you can come in for breakfast at 11am and still be able to order cocktails and wine.

Eggs Benedict. Looked promising, but turned out to be a letdown; the egg was overcooked, so it wasn't runny at all.

Pea & ham soup. Could be thicker, but flavorful enough to make us wish this broth was more widely available.

Their omelet was outstanding; gloriously fluffy and packed with bacon, ham, mushrooms, onions, cheese & tomatoes.

The sausage platter, with various pork varieties, filled our need for meaty succulence.

Tequila Sunrise (tequila, orange juice) & Hardy's Shiraz Cabernet (Australia).

Long Black Russian (vodka, kahlua, coke) and coffee.

Blue Cow Cafe,
Plaza Damas, Sri Hartamas.


  1. You changed camera or something?

    Oh my, u mean u were here in BROAD daylight?? ;p

  2. Tng: oh, was using a camera phone! didn't bring along my camera that day. But yeah, this was a quick lunch :D

  3. daylight and drinking alkie? tsk tsk... :D the only thing i like about this place is that they are dog friendly~

  4. Augustdiners: booze is our coffee! :D yikes, it's the ONLY thing u like about this place? Harsh!!!

  5. I like having breakfast here, especially when am sitting at the back terrace overlooking the..urmmm...palace-in-progress. It's windy for now. Carpe diem.

  6. Lemongrass: perhaps once the palace is completed, you'll be able to gaze on its grounds from afar and wave at the royals while sipping your latte! :D

  7. Only booze taken in mornings should be Bloody Mary :P but there's bound to be a time zone somewhere around the world that is right for cocktail hour. haha.
    I'll just have the coffee and omelet if i'm there. Do they do an egg white version only? just wondering...

  8. Elrond: Good point! Even at this very second, thousands of people around the world are guzzling beer, wine, cocktails, etc! Hmmm I guess they'd be able to toss out the yolks if u prefer ... Errmm for health reasons, I assume...

  9. wah i like how one can have cocktails and wine for breakfast. how about some champagne breakfast with sausages?!!

  10. Eiling: champagne sounds like the best way to kickstart the day! And it goes so well with any food :D