Thursday, July 1, 2010

EEST @ Westin KL

Here's a dinner most "fowl" at EEST, a captivating choice for Chinese cuisine.

Quail & qinghai aweto blossom tonic. A traditional broth with medicinal benefits for the lungs. With each warm, sweet spoonful, we could almost sense its nutrition flow into our veins. Well, OK, that's probably just psychological.

Ching Yuen free-range chicken with chili oil. A cold, succulent starter.

Teochiew-style goose with braised peanuts, marbled quail eggs & silken tofu. A bit bland, but this high-protein recipe still worked well as comfort food.

BBQ baby duck with dressed mache & hoisin sauce. Pretty tender, but less meaty and more bony than regular duck meat.

Shatin pigeon with spring onion ginger flower buns. Highly recommended, thanks to its pleasant tea-smoked flavour and plump flesh.

Cranberry & hibiscus juice.

Some strange cocktails: Vanillatini (vodka, creme de cacao white, hazelnut) & My Mama (Japanese avocado, vodka, kalamansi, beer).

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The Westin Kuala Lumpur.


  1. oh? some kind of special promo?

    Loads of "birds" there! ;p

    Baby duck? ok,now i wan baby geese!

  2. Tng: ah, no promo, but we decided to just order various types of poultry. luckily their variety is wide! I wonder how old ducks n geese need to be before they're no longer considered 'babies' :D

  3. Mmm..BBQ baby duck and Shatin pigeon looks delish. Thanks for reminding me about Shatin pigeon - will go try the original one when i'm in HK soon. hehe...
    BTW, My Mama cocktail - beer and vodka mixer??? erk...
    For traditional chinese soups, nothing beats home boiled ones. Plus, the added love and care and effort taken to boil the soup makes it incomparable :)

  4. Hibiscus juice! I wonder how many blooms they needed for that... :)

  5. Fowl is Fair and Fair is Fowl. Would you agree that it would be fair to eat these fowl? The Baby Still In Diapers Ducks had me as did the Pigeon who was addicted to ciggies. Thanks goodness we leave these foul murders of ducklings and pigeons to the butchers.

  6. arent local ducks skinny as it is, somemore baby sized? eeks..

  7. elrond: can tar pau some pigeon meat back to kl ar? :D ya, i was skeptical about the cocktail cos i dislike beer, but i ordered it cos i love avocado. turned out to be kinda forgettable though. and yep, i can't argue with u about home-boiled soups, but unfortunately, i have no one at home to boil soups for me, heheh :D
    lfb: eep, someone just informed me that it probably a different kind of hibiscus, not our malaysian hibiscus. he said it should be hibiscus sabdariffa, more commonly known as roselle, which is often used to make tea, not juice. my bad :P
    android: all's fair in love and war and gastronomy! but the younglings of most animals are often the tastiest right ... am thinking of suckling pigs and baby lambs too :D but yeah, i have the stomach to eat 'em but not to slaughter 'em =)
    lemongrass: that's harmless! :D
    joe: ya lor, the ratio of bones to meat in that dish was probably 2:1...

  8. quickly utilise ur Starwood card before end of September ok??? *wink*
    I'm going to EEST tomorrow for their Hurry Slowly Lunch.. should be fun!

  9. leo: heheh, yep, that's the plan! your gift has been very useful :D i haven't tried their lunch before, but i hope u enjoy it!

  10. can see that you really like EEST. Fusion chinese cuisine can be quite risky sometimes.

  11. elrond: between beer and cocktails, i'd always choose cocktails. so one of the best ways to get me to drink beer is to mix it in a cocktail :D
    eiling: yep, i love restaurants that take risks (even if the risks sometimes don't pay off) :D