Friday, July 9, 2010

Miyako @ Grand Dorsett Subang

There's no lack of Japanese restaurants in Subang, but not many are based in hotels.

One of the highlights here is an all-you-can-eat dinner available on Tuesdays through Thursdays. Some items, such as the sashimi and sushi, are spread over an ordinary buffet counter, while other dishes can be ordered from a two-page menu.

A heap of unagi got us excited, but alas, it had languished far too long in the pot. Lacked the moist, melt-in-the-mouth texture that we love in eel.

Grilled black mushroom in lemon soy sauce. Well-prepared, but unmemorable.

Grilled cod fish (less succulent than cod tends to be) & deep-fried potato stuffed with prawn (pretty crisp and not too oily).

Beef with butter sauce (not top-grade meat, unfortunately) & simmered eggplant with minced chicken (comfort-foodish).

Yakitori (tender and meaty) & vegetable rolled in beef (forgettable).

California hand rolls. Better than Sushi King's, at least.

Vegetables & sliced beef in sukiyaki sauce. Tasted home-cooked, in the best sense.

Grand Dorsett Subang.


  1. Pot full of unagi made my heart jump for a minute till I read your comment about its texture. Pity, that.

  2. lfb: it was like a cruel joke. the unagi was dried out and almost, errmm, crusty. i've tasted beef, chicken and fish that required less chewing...

  3. Erm...somehow from the photos, i didn't sense a good review coming. But there's hardly reason for me to visit subang part of klang valley. Rather stick to tried and tested places. Kampachi oh kampachi...heheh.

    BTW, crusty unagi? The chef ought to be sat on by sumo wrestlers for such a travesty. :P

  4. elrond: ya, there's no reason to battle traffic to subang when there are better choices for food in the city center. hmmmm, it's been ages since i've been to kampachi. a revisit would be suitable now :D heh, that's excessively cruel punishment for the chef. maybe we can just force him to finish eating all the unagi himself :P


    Must have been a tough meal for u!

  6. Tng: a reminder to keep expectations realistic when it comes to eat-all-u-can deals :D

  7. To be honest, I never believed in Japanese buffet. The essence of the cuisine lies in its freshness thus when spread out on a buffet line is a big no-no.

    Won't mind the line of black sesame, green tea, azuki ice creams though :)

  8. Qwazymonkey: u're quite right ... I guess the only incentive for buffets is the value for money, since Japanese a la carte can be too fearsomely expensive sometimes! And yeah, there are still always at least a few worthwhile items at most buffets :D

  9. I echo qwazymonkey's words.. a la carte is the best way to go for Japanese food!

  10. leo: i can't disagree! learnt my lesson here :D

  11. how much is the all you can eat?

  12. eiling: good question, but i can't remember ... argh, sorry!