Monday, July 26, 2010

Bridge Bar @ G Tower

Sleek and stylish, Bridge Bar is reminiscent of hot spots such as Sky Bar and Luna Bar, but it feels slightly more exclusive and intimate.

Perched on the 28th floor, there isn't a view of the Petronas Twin Towers or the KL Tower here, but the setting remains impressive enough to recommend.

It's still a well-kept secret for now, but within a few weeks, the crowds might be clamoring for a couch on the alfresco terrace.

The catch? It's meant for the use of hotel guests and club members only (but was open to the public briefly during a recent trial run).

Snacks on the menu include fried pistachio scamorza cheese with tangy fruit chutney. High in sodium, but very addictive.

Duck spring rolls with roasted chili & hoisin BBQ sauce. Well-prepared, but the food isn't the real reason to head here, is it?

Fruit shooters of Orange with Vodka & Lemon with Tequila.

Chily-tho (a spiced-up Mojito) & Moscow Mule cocktails.

Watermelon juice for the teetotaler.

Bridge Bar,
G City Club Hotel, G Tower,
Jalan Tun Razak.


  1. It's a good place for a date. :)

  2. You know why bars like these wouldn't really work for me? My immense fear of heights multiply by tenfold when punctuated with alcohol!

  3. well ppl have to start looking fwd to all these new rise buildings around the klcc area!

  4. very interesting.. how new is this place> is it related to G hotel?

  5. Excellent timing. BE was just pestering me to ask you if you knew whether this place was open. What a pity it's open only to hotel and club guests.

  6. michelle: yeah, it does have a semi-romantic ambiance. and it's a nice place to linger, since the music isn't noisy :D
    min: oh, i have a touch of acrophobia too, but this place feels rock-solid enough. just stay away from the windows, and u should be able to have a good time =)
    joe: yeah, for those of us who'll never be able to afford an apartment in one of those buildings, outlets like this are the next best thing! :D
    ciki: the bar is newly launched, just a few weeks after the hotel also opened for business. hmmm, good question, not sure if it has any links to penang's g hotel though...
    lemongrass: wait for an italian restaurant to open on this same level in september! that one will be for the public :D

  7. would love to go there too but have gotta have the right connections. hmmph

  8. eiling: i think there'll be various events and parties hosted here, so u'll definitely get a chance sometime soon!

  9. So are you a club member then??? How did you get up there?

  10. leo: oh, it was temporarily open to the public for a test run ... but without much publicity...