Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Rosemary Bites @ Aman Suria

A pleasant place with superlative service, though the menu isn't entirely successful.

Grilled chicken with herbs & extra virgin olive oil. Could have been more succulent, but this was still flavorful enough for us to lustily tear the meat from the bones.

Spaghetti with homemade pesto sauce. The pasta was soggy and the sauce was strangely very sweet, making this taste like dessert. It had a nice fragrance of rosemary though.

Salmon with miso sauce & honey mustard. Rather dry fish, smothered in a sauce that seemed a bit too processed. Still, we loved the chunky, piping-hot fries.

All-American Double Burger with extra cheese & beef bacon. Thick and juicy, but basically similar to what some of the better fast-food burger franchises might serve.

Apple crumble, made with Granny Smith apples. A sensational dessert that cost only RM5.90. The apples were hot, ripe and sweet _ superb with the vanilla ice cream.

Pink lemonade & lime juice with rosemary leaves (!!!).

Rosemary Bites,
A-G-28, Block A, Jalan PJU 1/43,
Aman Suria Damansara, Petaling Jaya.
Tel: 7805-2088


  1. This looks like the poorer cousin of Betty's. Might just go there for the desserts only I take it? :)

  2. Oh my. How does one lustily eat chicken. Conjuring all kinds of images in my head. Haha... :p

  3. Ooh the apple crumble at Betty's really failed me - so a plausible route is to hit Betty's for the mains and then pop over here for dessert?

  4. qwazymonkey: yeah, betty's was totally packed that evening, so we headed here instead. i'm glad we did, since it's more suitable for lingering over a long, peaceful dinner :D
    j: with lots of passion and pent-up sexual energy, ahem =)
    min: sounds like a plan! though the apple crumble here was on the 'monthly specials' blackboard, so i'm not sure if it'll always be available...

  5. this place look kinda homey but too bad the food not up to mark

  6. babe_kl: yeah, i wonder if they'll ever be able to improve at this point, since the lack of customers might prevent them having the funds to use better ingredients...

  7. eh! I went there often but why haven't I noticed this place???Any landmark?

  8. leo: it's actually on the same row as betty's midwest kitchen, just a few doors away. but it's much less crowded and not so obvious...

  9. ouch, i hope they improve their menu soon. doesn't look too appealing at this point

  10. augustdiners: quite basic fare, i guess. the plus point is that prices are really cheap :D

  11. i was here. not bad la.. big portions ;)

  12. Haha..we went once & never went back.
    But I probably had to try the apple crumble now sicne u said its good ;)

    The apple crumble at Betty's is just not the "normal kind", so if ur expectin the generic apple crumble it might fail to meet the expectations.

    so you finally made yr way here eh? But seems tht atr trip is required for betty's!
    Make a reservation next time!

  13. Location isn't really helpful..still need to go through the Catholic Church road or via BU right? i think i'll give this place a miss..

    And for whatever pent up energy...just get it over and done, mate ;) unless if you'd like to watch Chocolat and further increase it :P

  14. hmmm, that means we can only go there for that piece of apple crumble and the drinks?? :p

  15. ciki: definitely reasonable for the prices! but the oomph factor seems to be lacking for the main courses...
    tng: actually we weren't even supposed to be in this area, but we somehow ended up here. i'm still crossing my fingers that betty's opens another outlet closer to the city :D
    elrond: oh yeah, it's after that st ignatius church turnoff on the ldp. if u're ever in this area, u could check it out, but keep your expectations moderate. :D and as for my pent-up energy, ahem ... i actually did re-watch chocolat last year and realized it wasn't as good as how i recalled =)
    sk: the apple crumble was definitely the best dish of them all. not sure i'd recommend the drinks though :P

  16. looks like a nice place for a fast bite? the chairs didn't look like it's comfortable. haha

  17. Eiling: ahh actually it's a good place for a long dinner, to chat and catch up, since it's quiet and calm...

  18. Been there recently. Apart from a pleasantly surprising face lift (well, the chairs are still there, but good for the back), the food and menu has undergone improvement. They're not kidding when they promote their lasagna, skewered beef, oxtail soup etc. Not often you have an ok restaurant turn better over time.