Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Daily Treats @ Westin Kuala Lumpur

Very few people wander into this part of The Westin, making it the ideal hideaway for a romantic rendezvous or a secret powwow to plot an assassination.

Berry & tiramisu chocolate pieces. Although there are plenty of sandwiches and savory deli items available, the sweets here are the most prominent attraction.

It's always nice to see rum baba on the menu, but this version was too bland and dry, lacking the necessary saturation of alcohol for that extra kick.

Cheese cupcake. Fresh, juicy fruit slices complemented the creamy cake.

Pistachio ice cream. Generously packed with a truly unbelievable amount of nuts.

Corn ice cream. Tasted better than supermarket varieties, of course.

Rum Runner (light & dark rum, lime, pineapple juice) & Cointreauversial (cointreau, skyy vodka, strawberry liquor & lemonade, muddled with mint leaves, strawberries & kiwi fruit).

Daily Treats,
The Westin Kuala Lumpur.


  1. i think u'll be the first flogger to cover every corner and inch of all hotels in kl. haha.

  2. "better than supermarket varieties" doesn't say much, does it? LOL.

    and ur pic of the cheese cupcake looks really festive - like Santa Claus. Ho ho ho!

  3. any secret plots u managed to find out?

  4. we hv been here during our stay. the hotel so nice, gave the kid a membership card so he can collect his BIG choc chip cookies each time he's there :D

  5. augustdiners: wait till i start doing the, errrm, dodgy hotels :D
    lemongrass: better than wall's ice cream! u're feeling the x'mas spirit in july? i suppose we're closer to dec. 25, 2010, now than we are to dec. 25, 2009 =)
    joe: too busy eating to notice, heheh :D
    babe_kl: awww, that's quite cool of them. hope it was the soft-baked cookie type, that's my favorite! :D

  6. Actually hor..I have not eaten corn ice cream in a long long time!
    And yea, u know that's it's 50% off after 6pm right?

    Talkin abt Rum baba..I havent found a good one..& the one i had at Delucca gave me an impression that it's sourish vanilla cupcake w ice cream!
    Am I wrong?

  7. Secret powwow to plot an assasination!! Probably the most exciting association ever with a sedate deli! And how clever is corn ice cream as a decoy!

  8. tng: ya, i remember having magnolia sweet corn ice cream when i was younger. hmmm, not sure if we got that discount. but u're right, good rum baba is hard to find! i did love the one at delucca, but maybe u didn't like the taste of alcohol in it...
    min: if u ever hear of an assassination in this country, u might know where it was plotted! :D

  9. You didn't use the Starwood Card?? I supposed you will get some discounts with the card...
    Went to EEST for their Hurry Slowly lunch last Friday.. thought of having desserts in Daily Treats after that but we were late for Toy Story 3 :P

  10. Leo: the card apparently doesn't give the usual 50 percent off for the cakes n desserts here. Not sure why, but there was a smaller discount... Hope u had a good lunch at eest ... I'd say toy story 3 is definitely more memorable n enjoyable than daily treats, heheh