Monday, March 1, 2010

WIP @ Bangsar Shopping Center

Click here & here for previous reviews of WIP (July 22, 2009 & Jan. 31, 2009).

Their sweeping range of specialty Mojitos comprise the best cocktails here.
Chilli & Capsicum Mojito (rum, mojito syrup, mint leaves, lime juice, chilli, capsicum, brown sugar) & Ginger Mojito (rum, mojito syrup, ginger, lime wedges, mint leaves, ginger ale).

Bangsar Shopping Centre.
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  1. WIP is nice to hang out and all but the food isn't promising.

  2. eiling: yeah, hits and misses here. but i'm easily satisfied, so the food isn't too bad for me :D

  3. Didn't realise they had such great cocktails here. I haven't really lived, have I?

  4. lemongrass: sure u've lived, but maybe not in the right places :D