Wednesday, March 3, 2010

For Fresh People @ Telawi Bangsar

This well-lit, spacious Bangsar cafe specializes in nutritious comfort food (less oil, less sugar, less salt, less artificial ingredients) and rejuvenating juices.

Downstairs, the outlet provides paperback novels for customers to read while lazing around. Alternatively, the section upstairs _ called "Greenroom" _ has an even more chilled-out vibe, with an alfresco terrace for watching Telawi's traffic go by.

Rocket salad with walnuts & crumbled feta. Crisp leaves, flavourful nuts & cheese.

Pumpkin soup, with a spicy kick. Creamy yet completely healthy-tasting.

Beef pastrami, chicken liver pate & brie. A wholesome spread, ideal for sharing.

Potato & Beef Stew (rib-eye beef simmered with potatoes & herbs, served with cous-cous). Tasted home-cooked, with a comforting warmth that would suit a rainy evening.

Perfect Summer (beetroot, celery, orange) & Minty Melon (watermelon, mint).

For Fresh People,
6, Jalan Telawi, Bangsar Baru.
Tel: 2282-2661


  1. The pumpkin soup looks so cute with the smiley face! =)

  2. its not The Green Room (as in their outlet main name?)
    Actually the food looks good fr those overstuffed days..kinda whn u feel like u nd to detox..
    But I got to say this, i just cant stop giggling whn i saw perfect summer & minty lemon. Feelin deprived werent u? ;p

  3. bangsar-babe: yeah, we were very careful not to ruin it before snapping the photo! :D too bad i couldn't get rid of the shiny glare on the soup's surface though...
    tng: strange hor ... even though the "greenroom" lettering looks more prominent, the outlet is officially called "for fresh people." the "greenroom" only refers to the upstairs portion of the restaurant. yeah, the food tasted pretty healthy. but they have cakes and pastries too, though we didn't sample those. heheh, it turned out that they DO serve wine here, but we adjourned elsewhere for drinks after all =)

  4. You've helped me decide where I'd be heading this weekend.

  5. Pumpkin soup is my all-time favourite soup! Hmmmm I could potentially like everything in this place. Ah, to think that our stars are so misaligned - just one street apart last night. Life is so unfair. :-P

  6. looks like a nifty place for healthy food!

  7. Whoa...Telawi? I'd given up for any new joint on that road to be totally dodge! In my current sickly condition, anything healthy is uplifting and makes me feel yes, there's something worth going on for!

  8. sounds too healthy to be true :p

  9. joe: it's on the street at the back that's facing the housing area ... one of those less prominent streets at telawi...
    qwazymonkey: i'm betting u'll order the overnight-marinated, oven-roasted chicken! :D
    lemongrass: it has lotsa potential, true! but it seemed really quiet during dinner. ya lor, so close yet so far. life is strange.
    eiling: go check it out if u feel like guilt-free food :D
    min: hope u're well on the road to recovery. u're sounding like your usual chirpy self on this comment!
    babe_kl: yeah, it's not quite health food, but it still seems healthier than usual fare. some good stuff for kids too =)

  10. cakes n pastries?
    wonder if its low fat? ;p

  11. ok, u win. I'd order that! Sounds perfect

  12. tng: got carrot cakes and chocolate cakes!
    qwazymonkey: crossing my fingers that u'll like it. i haven't tried it, so i wouldn't know, but it sounded yummy on the menu =)

  13. Hahaha ... with that healthy spread, I wonder how UNfresh can one be after stepping out.
    Good find.

  14. j2kfm: heh, it's quite a catchy name for a restaurant, huh :D

  15. i was there when they just open, the food was fabulous .. so last month i brought my fren there again to have dinner.. the food dun taste tat well anymore... the price is more pricy... i notice the music was abit loud till my frenz n i have talk louder.. then we notice there is this lady in glasses(mayb the boss) looked at us in a strange way, irritate us... then we just left n hangout at starbucks...;-|

  16. cili: yikes ... i haven't been back since early march, but i've been hoping to check out their roast chicken and other items...