Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Heidelberg Kaffeehaus @ Solaris Dutamas

A comfortable cafe that offers hearty Western fare from breakfast through dinner, as well as imported chocolate and coffee products for takeaway.

Pumpkin soup. A massive serving that four people could share. Thick and piping-hot, with that "freshly made" flavour that we love in our broths.

Organic broccoli omelette with onion jam. Fluffy and healthy-tasting.

Nutella crepes with bananas. Generously stuffed with sweet hazelnut spread.

Chocolate brownie with ice cream. The brownie was warm and moist, oozing with a rich chocolate taste and a melt-in-the-mouth texture that blended so well with the ice cream.

Carrot cake. Probably not the best in town, but not bad at all.

Pineapple tarts. A buttery pleasure, terrific enough to rival the best of Malacca's tarts.

Albi German fruit juices: Multi-12 Vitamins & Raspberry Maracula Nectar.

Heidelberg Kaffeehaus,
A4-G1-05, Solaris Dutamas, Jalan Dutamas 1.
Tel: 6207-9277


  1. Oh!!! just below Pink Sage!
    And it did looked so "bland & boring" from outside; not bad at all man, frm the food i see in tis post.. it actually looking worthwhile for a visit!

  2. tng: yeah, we hesitated to go inside too, cos the menu placed outside looked kinda dull. but the food is decent, the service is super-friendly and the place is cosy, so it definitely merits a visit! try the warm brownie with ice cream! :D

  3. Terrific enough to rival the best of Malacca's tarts? LOL. Doesn't say much, does it?

    Think I shall have to drop by to test the coffee. Am assuming they serve breakfast here? That Nutella crepe has my name on it. (really...look closer)

  4. lemongrass: if there's a double entendre in that first sentence, it's too early on a tuesday morning for me to properly respond :D
    yep, brekkie is served here from about 830am daily. ermmm, u're a nut, and that's the first syllable in nutella? i'm sensing a communication breakdown here :P

  5. thats alot of sweets going on here. more places to go around this area if i wan to laze around in the afternoon

  6. 4 people can share that soup? are you sure it's that big?!!

  7. looking at the brownie alone is enuf to melt my heart...gosh~ i want!!!

  8. Dahlink, my sentences are always exploding with double entendres, and I have faith that you will spot them and plug them.

  9. joe: yeah, there are nearly a dozen eateries now at solaris dutamas...
    eiling: yeps, it's the biggest bowl of pumpkin soup i've EVER seen! :D
    chloe: heheh, yeah, it's NEARLY as good as the chocolate brownie at delicious!
    lemongrass: go for a new record and try for a triple entendre next time! =)

  10. haha.. i don't understand why it's so fashionable to put that faux carrot on top of the carrot cake. Like as if we would not know it was indeed a carrot cake if they didn't do so. too funny :P

  11. ciki: and it doesn't even taste very good, rite? :D but looks-wise, i still think it's kinda cute, even though it's probably gonna become a cliche very soon!

  12. Yunno even before I came to the end of the post I went, ooooh, is this another place in Solaris Dutamas ;)

    The choc brownie looks like it's to-die-for!

    Now I know where to take mummy this weekend :D Thank you!

  13. yin: yeah, this place is shaping up to be a decent alternative to solaris mont kiara. do make sure they heat up the brownie before serving it to u! hope u enjoy it :D

  14. gee i never thot of having broccoli omelette LOL, sounds healthy

  15. babe_kl: haha, i guess u can put virtually any veggie in an omelette, and it'll taste good, rite :D

  16. hey buddy!

    flabbergasted to see your good shots and lovely comments!

    we've got more desserts coming up soon, the chocolate tart is oohh-so-lovely, we are sure it's gonna our best-kick!

    anyhow, drop by and give us a shot again...

    as for now, we are also busy gathering pretty girls to dine here..

    Heidelberg Kaffeehaus

  17. marina: am looking forward to stopping by again to try the ratatouille and the cheesecakes! =)