Sunday, February 28, 2010

Nanking @ Petaling Jaya

Taking yet another vegetarian route for Chinese New Year.

Nanking's "Great Blessing Set" kicked off with an "abalone" yee sang, which was filled with reasonably fresh, crunchy ingredients.

"Shark fin" soup. Tasted nearly like the real thing, except that it was impossible to replicate the firm, fleshy feel of crab meat.

Dong Po "pork." Evenly divided into a "fatty" top layer that tasted like springy fish balls and a "meaty" lower layer that seemed like melt-in-the-mouth pork.

Pan-fried Szechuan "prawns." A crisp, spicy crowd-pleaser.

"Cod fish" in ginger sauce. This somehow managed to have a fishy flavour, though the texture was not flaky enough to pass off as cod.

Beancurd roll with broccoli. Pretty ordinary-tasting.

Fried rice. Kinda starchy and stodgy, but still palatable.

"Grace Felicity" dessert. Rather powdery, with a strong, strange taste of corn.

Nanking Vegetarian Restaurant,
Jalan 19/3, Petaling Jaya.


  1. this plc is like the oldest institution for vegetarian food!

  2. Impressive. You're practically an expert on vegetarian food. The gods will be pleased. =)

  3. tng: heheh, i always noticed this place while driving into ss2, but finally managed to check it out! not sure i'd ever return though...
    lemongrass: u speak too soon! i have no more vegetarian entries lined up in my queue...

  4. sean, you need to get out more. all this vege is turning ur brains to tofu

  5. ciki: tofu? yummy! or actually, brains are yummier :D

  6. hahahaha :P why they call their dessert grace felicity.. ?! that's just weird man ! the cod fish looks like a piece of plaster that fell off someone's wall.

    (ok, ciki's gonna stop dissing vegetarian now)

  7. ciki: "grace felicity" sounds very zen-like, no? something spiritual that could be a monk's motto :D aiya, they put so much effort into making the cod fish halfway presentable, and u condemn it. sniff sniff :P

  8. LOL...ciki so farnee. But seriously la...that cod does look a bit odd, don't you think? =P

    Does this mean you'll be blogging about pork, pork and more pork? =D

  9. bangsar-babe: heh, yeah, the colouring is off, though maybe that's partly the fault of my camera skills =) amazingly, i don't have ANY non-halal entries scheduled for the next five days. what's happening to me?!? :D

  10. actually what's the point of eating vegetarian if all the dishes are cooked to look and taste like meat right?!!

  11. eiling: heheh, i can think of one reason: it's cheaper than real meat dishes :D

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