Monday, March 29, 2010

Vanity Mansion @ Asian Heritage Row

With a restaurant, a club and 7 karaoke rooms under one roof, this two-story outlet's stated mission is for customers to "dine deliciously and dance the night away."

A 5-minute walk from Asian Heritage Row, Vanity Mansion has taken over the premises of Heritage Mansion after a management change. It's the best new outlet this area has seen in recent years, with enough potential to revive the moribund dining scene here.

Vanity Mansion is affiliated, not surprisingly, to Envie ClubLounge at Changkat Bukit Bintang. Here's hoping these guys will keep giving us more places and reasons to sin.

The food offerings are limited for now, but a wider menu should be ready within several weeks. We liked the butternut squash soup with sage brown butter & nutmeg creme fraiche. A creamy, subtly sweet concoction that tasted freshly made.

Onion soup with braised lamb shank. A bit too peppery and salty, but worth ordering for fans of broths that bear a strong, meaty flavour.

Fettucine carbonara with chive egg yolk glaze & smoked salmon. Perfectly prepared; a welcome reminder that this ubiquitous recipe can be really satisfying when done right.

Pan-seared mulloway with clam barolo sauce, served with carrot & zucchini strips. Moist and tender enough to recommend if you're in the mood for fish.

Sexual Eruption (vodka, monin passion fruit, monin green apple, cointreau) & Vanity Illusion (vodka, malibu, cointreau, monin watermelon, lime juice, pineapple juice).

Seven Sins Shots, including Lust (passion fruit vodka, mandarin vodka, blue curacao, sugar syrup, soda water), Envy (gin, monin green tea, lemon juice) & Pride (gin, monin violet, monin lavender, lemon juice). The other deadly sins are available as individual cocktails.

Vanity Mansion,
Jalan Kamunting.


  1. food was actually not bad? Heh.. i wonder wht would be the seven sins - food -wise?
    Lets see, foie gras is for sure..then choc? Kobe? fugu?

  2. tng: yep, i'll definitely return here in a few weeks, once they have their full menu sorted out. haha, there's too much sinfully delicious food in the world to narrow it down to just seven! i'd agree on foie gras and kobe beef ... in terms of prices, we should probably include caviar, truffles and maybe oysters too; in terms of religious sin, then pork for many people. but my ultimate sin is mars candy bars =)

  3. Did you just have one Sexual Eruption that night or multiple eruptions? :P

  4. I think he had multiple eruptions! LOL

  5. vanity, envy.. i wanna open a club called sloth! ( i wonder who would come, haha:P)
    Seven Sins Shots, including Lust (passion fruit vodka, mandarin vodka, blue curacao, sugar syrup, soda water), Envy (gin, monin green tea, lemon juice) & Pride (gin, monin violet, monin lavender, lemon juice).. yes sloth is missing. i also want to open a bar specializing in sloth cocktails that look like sewage leftovers :P mwuahahah

  6. so near your office too. does this mean that traffic jams will return to the area?

    will refrains from making lewd jokes on a Monday morning.

  7. lfb: i had lots of Lust, but everything seemed like an Illusion after that :P
    qwazymonkey: yeah, it's hard to keep count throughout the duration of a long nite =)
    ciki: sloth is my favorite deadly sin (and the one i indulge in most often), so i'd come to your club! errm, but maybe u should hire a professional mixologist to create the cocktails :D
    lemongrass: the traffic jams never went anywhere! but the clubbers will likely be the ones to flock to vanity mansion, not the diners. hmmm, i'm not sure when's the best time for lewdness then. probably not sunday mornings either =)

  8. did you tumbang or even slightly tipsy after the 7-Shot sins???

  9. leo: naahhh, frankly the alcohol content in the cocktails was miserably low...

  10. the place looks nice but heritage row kinda looked quite dead nowadays so hope that they can survive. I like the name Vanity Illusion - does that mean that after you drink it, men & women appeared to be more attractive? lol...

  11. eiling: the clubbing scene in this area still does OK, thanks mostly to maison. and as for the cocktail, heheh, there were no other customers there that evening except me and my friend, so i couldn't test out that theory :D