Thursday, March 11, 2010

MyThai @ Starhill

One of Starhill's mainstays, offering both traditional & innovative Thai recipes.

Yam Som O (pomelo salad with prawns, shallots, fried garlic, roasted coconut & peanuts in a sweet & sour chilli dressing). Can't go wrong with this.

Pu Ja (minced crab & chicken topped with salted duck egg yolk, deep-fried in crab shell). Would be better if the yolk had been creamier and more plentiful.

Gaang Panaeng Neur (creamy curry with lychee, crushed peanuts, coconut cream & beef tenderloin). Not too spicy, just the way we like it!

Tom Yam Omelette. An intriguing twist to the ordinary omelette; could have been softer and fluffier, but still tasty, with a subtle infusion of tom yam flavour.

Cocktails with Thai names (forgot what they were, though they contained words like "Phuket") but tasted typically Western.

Starhill Feast Gallery.


  1. "Not too spicy, just the way we like it!"? Speak for yourself. :-P I found the curry overly sweet, actually.

  2. Thai food is always about spicy :P try numbing your tounge few more times and you'll love everything that Thai has to offer

  3. lemongrass: sweet curries are more pleasant than spicy ones! more lychees please! :D
    leo: heheh, i don't really mind the tongue-numbing, but the sweating is not cool =)

  4. my thigh our ur thigh? (sorry .. brains a bit fried today.. and i smell burning ..eek, must be the carcinogens!)

  5. ciki: fried brains! a french delicacy :D

  6. urgh i dun really like lychees but hmm i have 2 pomelos at home. time to make a salad wid them!

  7. new restaurant? if it doesnt burn, its not thai? hehehe

  8. babe_kl: i like most fruit-based salads! pomelos seem to go really well with thai flavours, rite...
    joe: it's actually been around at starhill all these years, but it gets overshadowed by the other restaurants there. heheh, this is thai food for tourists, i think :D

  9. You did Thai? I thought it was a complete no-no! This is useful for me though.. I've been spending way too much time in the Star Hill vicinity for a client, and I need all the help I can get to keep things interesting!

  10. the Pu Ja got me "pu-jaing" it!
    God, did i jz made a corny bimbo statement?
    Blame it on the event of the nite.

    ok, puja as in BM puja u knw? worship? (BM kinda rotten..did i get it right?)

    ok, i should stop..not makin any sense.. its 2am.

  11. min: heh, i do like thai salads and some curries, but i steer clear of tom yam! i love the bkt bintang area for food; there's lotsa good stuff to choose from!
    tng: haha, that's actually quite funny! :D hope u managed to get enuff sleep after that. i'm awake at 630am for silly reasons...

  12. Looks like a nice place but the prices are cut throat ones right?!!

  13. eiling: actually not toooooo bad. can still get away with a good meal for RM30-plus per person if order wisely