Thursday, March 4, 2010

Cafe Stelle @ Pavilion Kuala Lumpur

Click here for earlier entry on Cafe Stelle (June 4, 2009).

We were half-full by the time we finished the bread and dips.

Saffron risotto with smoked salmon & green peas. Something went awry in the preparation, mainly because the rice was way too mushy.

Rigatoni Al Cartoccio (oven-baked large tube pasta with fish, shellfish & tomato cream). A fabulous recipe, thanks to the sweet, seafood-packed sauce.

Veal osso bucco with pumpkin puree, cherry tomato confit & pickled shallots. Would be much better if the veal had been less chewy.

Two flavours of gelati: mushroom (subtle and mild-tasting) and chocolate & chilli (two aphrodisiacs come together in one creamy blend).

Mascarpone panna cotta with espresso jelly, pistachio biscotti & berry sorbet.
Note that the risotto, rigatoni and panna cotta were part of Cafe Stelle's Valentine's set menu, so they might no longer be available.

Salisbury Semillon Chardonnay & Cabernet Shiraz.

Green Tea Milkshake & Stelle's Martini (vanilla vodka, creme de cacao, choc syrup).

Cafe Stelle,


  1. i juz came back from pav. do u know the long stretch in the middle is actually use for runway/catwalks? too bad the fd there is nothing spectacular.

  2. seems tht the food is pretty average..

  3. see.. how to eat carbo here..LOL:P

  4. Looks nice! Hey Sean, do you know where I can have local fare but in a nice ambiance (restaurant or cafe) in KL? preferably near KLCC/Pavilion area?

  5. The last time I went there (in Feb, I think), I was rather unimpressed with the food or drinks. I guess it's just a place to be seen, what with Tod's in the back and Versace in front. The multitude of shopping bags from these stores should complete the picture.

  6. augustdiners: heh, wonder if it's used often for fashion shows, etc...
    tng: yeah, hits and misses...
    ciki: skip the carbs, enjoy the cocktails!
    eiling: hmmm, how about bijan near changkat bukit bintang for malay food?
    lemongrass: am still optimistic that they'll eventually strut the runway of improvement!

  7. mushroom gelato??!! hmm *interesting* but i've to agree with LL that the food here failed to impress me too..Really bad in fact =S

  8. back fr my outstation trip!!!
    anyway, Jenn & I had high tea there... only so so! your food looks way tempting

  9. U know I'm always skeptical to eat here especially after seeing how they always have models walking down the stretch of tables in the middle and then see them serving food on the same table right after. Ecck

  10. chloe: it almost seems like a matter of luck here. some items are good, some are bad. but yeah, they should try to be more consistent...
    leo: gosh, u seem to have been gone for ages!!! glad u're back :D yeah, it's a shame about this place. so much potential, but nobody seems to really rave about it...
    qwazymonkey: yikes! i haven't had the chance to watch any fashion shows here, but that does sound kinda disgusting. or maybe they cleaned up the tables with disinfectant wipes while u guys weren't looking! :D