Sunday, March 14, 2010

Sage Restaurant @ The Gardens Kuala Lumpur

Click here for earlier entry on Sage (April 6, 2009).

Amuse bouche of scallop mousse with salmon and avocado. Light and delicate.

Carpaccio of hiramasa. A superbly oily, splendidly fatty fish.

Seafood bouillabaise with saffron pernod and aioli. Nothing wrong with this per se, but nothing particularly memorable about it either.

Confit of duck leg with puy lentil and olives. Comfort food for carnivores.

Foie gras with grapes & red wine reduction. Can't go wrong with foie gras here.

Pan-fried tai fish wrapped with salmon and prawn bisque. Not as terrific as it sounded on the menu. Could have been much more succulent.

Roast cod with gobou brunoise, mushroom & foie gras. Would be OK but unspectacular without the goose liver, which elevated the fish to delightfully decadent heights.

Aiguilette of duck with negi and more foie gras! Flavourful meat but not tender enough.

Apple Paris Soire with calvados ice cream. Refreshingly chilly.

Strawberry romanoff with mascarpone ice cream. Not as sour as we had feared; the smooth, subtly sweet ice cream helped to balance out the strawberry's tartness.

Hazelnut nougat souffle with Valrhona chocolate ice cream. Pure pleasure.

The Gardens.


  1. That's a lot of foie gras you had! I should stop reading your blog after 11pm lar. I'm hungry now. >(

  2. tht the celebratory dinner aft the med chk-up?
    Foie Gras overload weiii! ;p

    So they improved on the strawberries huh... ;)

  3. awww... i still haven't been there! If it's Valrhona chocolate, then I must go and test it out!!

  4. Everything but the birthday cake! Despite the change in chefs, the food is as good as ever. I could eat there everyday!

  5. bangsar-babe: can never get enough of foie gras! :D
    tng: heheh, no lar, no real celebratory dinner yet. =)
    eiling: hope u'll enjoy it!
    lemongrass: but after a week, u'd have to start repeating items!

  6. Comfort food for carnivores? You got me at that. Oh for a nice, thick steak stew, hot and steaming! :)

  7. lfb: hmmm, that sounds a bit too much like comfort food for carnivores living in wintry climates! =)

  8. foie all the way!! miss foie, want some rite now..

  9. joe: yeah, it's an addiction! need a foie fix at least a couple of times a month :D

  10. sage! my fav place.. how come i never bump into u wan ar? LOL

  11. ciki: heheh, maybe cos i only go twice a year, whereas u go twice a month! :D

  12. Where is the Restaurant ler? In garden? How is the price?

  13. joanne: it's at the gardens hotel, which u can access from the mall on the ground floor (i forgot which side though). u should allocate RM150 for dinner without drinks...