Tuesday, March 9, 2010

It's A Noodle Bar @ Bangsar Village

It's A Noodle Bar was supposed to have opened last December, using an entirely different name (Canoodling). After constant postponements, the restaurant is finally up and running this week, located beside its sister outlet, For Goodness Sake.

Naturally, this place specializes in noodles, with 10 recipes ranging from Assam Laksa and Dry Pan Mee to Dan Dan Mien and Braised Beef Brisket Noodles.

Indonesian Baba Noodles, with chicken, potatoes & eggplant in curry. A big, hearty bowl, though the curry tasted too much like the watery ones that come with roti canai.

Fish Fillet "VerMIcelli," with beehoon & snapper fish in soybean soup. A fascinating twist compared to the typical fish noodles, with the soybean providing a healthier flavour.

"Golden sauce" noodles, featuring "lai fun" with ikan kembung, pineapple, cucumber & keropok. A wide mix of tastes and textures in a mildly spicy and sour sauce.

Man cannot live on noodles alone, so It's A Noodle Bar also provides light bites and salads. Their starter of fresh raw salmon with crunchy onions, cucumber, pomegranate & pineapple relish was a creatively concocted, well-presented platter.

Fried eggplant with chicken floss. Not bad, but not a must-try.

Cold, refreshing "tong sui," comprising snow fungus, gingko & hard-boiled egg.

Two types of shochu: Kaikouzu (sweet potato) & Ko-tamba (chestnut).

Thick, creamy ice-blended beverages. In foreground: green tea soy milk with vanilla ice cream; in background: apple, elderflower & lychee.

It's A Noodle Bar,
Bangsar Village 2.


  1. Hey, waitamin...didn't I just read the same post on another blog? Hmmm...

    So THIS is Canoodling? I thought It's a Noodle Bar was the tagline for For Goodness Sake. I've been punk'd!

  2. qwazymonkey: heheh ... coincidence, or something more sinister? :D ya lor, canoodling is a nicer name, isn't it? and yeah, i think all of us assumed previously that "it's a noodle bar" was supposed to describe "for goodness sake" ...

  3. atr outlet by the same group? Urgh..are they takin over BVII???

    I'm interested in the ice-blended beverages (I'm a sucker for those!) & tho I'm not a fan of noodles, I thought sme of the ones u had were very un-common! Now the Q comes back to prices..?

    ps: The tong shui looks inviting!

  4. I guess if we're sick of the Delicious noodles, this is where to head to. Thanks for the heads up on this new place. The lacklustre reviews abt For Goodness Sake and even this place ain't making me rush over there though.

  5. Haha!! I thought I was seeing double! Yeah I'd be very interested to learn about its pricing. A bowl of noodles is a bowl of noodles is a bowl of noodles after all right?

  6. Aiks..this post looks disturbingly familiar. Heheheh! I am a sucker for all things noodley. & it's got tong sui to keep the other half happy. Me thinks we shall be visiting this joint very, very soon.

  7. Looks like they're still trying to perfect the recipes. I reckon they'll still be adding new things to the menu seeing that they have limited copies of the existing menu, hor. Keeping fingers crossed that hokkien mee will be on the menu soon. But then again, it's a halal joint, so can't hope for good hokkien mee here, either. Reunion will still be the place for hokkien mee in BVII.

  8. tng: delicious will rule bangsar village! but they're doing a good job opening interesting outlets, so i'm not complaining. :D i'm not a big fan of noodles usually either, but they can be comfort food when done properly. the noodles here average about RM10 per bowl...
    boo: yeah, it might be wise to let them iron out any teething problems. but at least the next time u're in bangsar village, u know where to head to! :D
    min: the lowest-priced bowl of noodles is about RM8.50, the most expensive is RM14.50. a bit steep compared to kopitiam versions, but thankfully, they're very generous with their portions and ingredients =)
    unka: ahhh, hopefully u'll like it enough that u return over and over again to check out all the 10 noodle recipes! there are also 5/6 different kinds of tong sui!
    lemongrass: i want pad thai and pho, since those would work well in a halal joint! i guess maybe they're also trying to overlap as little as possible with delicious, so that could be the reason why pasta isn't available here...

  9. meena was ur hot date leh :p just saw her post this morn.. did u guys plan to post2gthr:D
    lovely.. now i must free myself on a weekday to be YOUR hot date!

  10. ciki: planning makes perfect, rite? :D yep, am awaiting a sequel to our mont kiara expedition! =)

  11. were you having your meal together with awhiffoflemongrass, or was that a different occasion??? There's similarity to what both of you are having :P
    yay! can bring Sher Ryn here... don't have to worry about her getting agitated in those hot weather

  12. leo: u all very sharp-eyed lah :D oh ya, this should be a nice place for babies and toddlers. comfortable, very clean and spacious...

  13. the place looks nifty and nice. i like the first pic! ok... will try it one day

  14. eiling: hope u like it. i think it'd be a decent lunch hangout...

  15. Me, I prefer the original name of Canoodling. It's so much more, uhm, suggestive. :P

  16. lfb: heheh, wonder if they might have changed the name for that very reason!