Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Earth Hour @ Tarbush, Starhill

Like many other commercial venues, Starhill's Feast Gallery was plunged into darkness for 60 minutes on a recent Saturday night to mark Earth Hour.

Candles were the main source of lighting for the entire floor; some customers did appear to have trouble reading the menu and seeing their food.

We spent the time at Tarbush, which was a bit better lit than other restaurants.

This outlet attracts brisk business from Arab visitors; its ambiance is a notch above the other Middle Eastern eateries at Bukit Bintang, even though its food isn't exceptional.

The pita bread was cold, while the olives & pickled cucumber weren't too appetizing.

Arayes Lamb (minced meat, onion & tomato stuffed in Lebanese grilled bread). Flavourful, but rather dry. Maybe we should have ordered some hummus.

Spring chicken. Well-marinated and reasonably tender, but the highlight on this platter was a creamy garlic dip that worked wonders with the meat and french fries.

Grilled garoupa. Charred on the outside, but fairly moist inside. A fresh, hearty fish that retained its natural sweetness (though we still prefer our fish steamed).

Baklawa. Nut-filled pastries. Not overly sweet, thankfully.

Mahalabia. This milk cream pudding with chopped pistachios had a medicinal flavour that left a strange aftertaste.

Voila! Let there be light!

Starhill Feast Gallery.

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  1. eiks..wht's happennin to TarBush.. used to be the place for Arabian food..

  2. tng: maybe i'm just hopeless at appreciating middle eastern dishes =)

  3. I cannot appreciate middle eastern dishes either. I often find them bland and not-so-pretty looking. =P

  4. nice place for earth hour.. so chill!

  5. Perhaps they were cooking in the dark too, eh? I remember you telling me about the garoupa where you were surprised how moist it was inside despite being throughly cooked on the outside. Takes some skill (or luck?). =) Lovely looking place, with or without lights. =)

  6. happened to be in midvalley, didnt even realise it was earth hour!

  7. I don't think everyone actually joined in the Earth Hour craze.. I was having dinner in SS2 and most places were brightly lid :P

  8. bangsar-babe: i like some of middle eastern dips, but the meat items can be too dry. i guess it's safe to say that most of us wouldn't choose middle eastern food as our favorite cuisine =)
    ciki: yeah, there were non-diners standing outside holding candles in a vigil :D
    lemongrass: am trying to remember which garoupa i told u about. geez, i can't remember! :D yeah, there's nothing else quite like starhill =)
    joe: heheh, i think pavilion and/or klcc turned off their non-essential lights :D
    leo: yeah, it's debatable whether it's a meaningful effort that will yield concrete, lasting results or not =)

  9. that's a good way to spent earth hour! Use other people's electricity instead! haha...

  10. eiling: heh, i read that electricity usage across the city dropped significantly during that hour =)