Sunday, March 7, 2010

Kissaten @ IOI Boulevard Puchong

Kissaten has spread its wings to Puchong, opening a second branch that seems slightly larger than its original outlet at Jaya One.

Tsukune Teriyaki with Egg Yolk Sauce. These succulent chicken sausages are total comfort food for carnivores. We could have eaten them all evening.

Golden Fried Shrimp. Crisp and absolutely addictive.

Stewed Pork Slices. Somewhat chewy, but sufficiently tasty for snacking.

Gyoza Wings. A unique cross between chicken wings and fried Japanese dumplings. Piping-hot, meaty and not oily at all.

Daikon No Soboro Ankake. A healthy choice; the radish wasn't as bland as expected, since there were lots of minced pork in the broth.

Buta Kakuni. Hearty, but not as tender and tasty as versions at Chinese joints.

Hakutsuru Nama Sake.

IOI Boulevard, Puchong.


  1. menu looks more interesting here. Also saw there's an Umai-Ya at the same place.

  2. ohhh...i love kissaten!! So they maintain the quality huh at both outlets?

  3. What I like about Kissaten in Jaya One is the abundance of natural light that bathes the place. It sort of cheers the spirit and makes everything taste even better. =) This place in IOI Mall looks like it will have to depend on just the food to draw the customers in. From your experience there, it appears like they have succeeded. =) Now to get a GPS and head out there....

  4. i didn't know kissaten served all these!?!?!?! the one in Jaya One like only have noodles and pizzas!

  5. Hmm Egg Yolk Sauce... sounds like an experiment for a boring boozeless Sunday afternoon! Love Kissaten but have an aversion to Puchong in general... think I'll stick to Jaya One's and hope that they will sync up the menu soon!

  6. boo: yeah, this boulevard has potential! there's also a pappa rich here and a few other restaurants.
    tng: looks like it's safe to head to both outlets!
    lemongrass: oooh, maybe there is natural light, but we went here at night. and wait, before u head here, this is actually in a complex across the road from ioi mall!
    qwazymonkey: hmmm, i can't recall the jaya one outlet's full menu ... but yeah, the ioi outlet has lots of interesting japanese-ish items, including grilled stuff that i haven't tried...
    min: yeah, puchong = dim sum, steamboat and chinese food for me, but here's hoping that there'll be more variety to jazz up the area!

  7. How's the price like at Kissaten?

  8. chloe: pretty reasonable, depending on what you order. can have a meal for an average of between RM10-30 per person...

  9. Although i always frequent Jaya 1 but have not thought of going to try out Kissaten. the name sounds like go "kiss a ten"!

  10. eiling: it's the "kiss" part of the name that makes it catchy! =)