Saturday, March 27, 2010

Cafe Barbera @ Maarof, Bangsar

Click here for earlier entry on Cafe Barbera (January 7).

We enjoyed our previous visit to Cafe Barbera in January, but a more recent stop here for desserts earlier this month turned out to be a misstep, starting with a rather dry carrot cake that seemed to have languished in the chiller for too long.

Forgettable tiramisu. A splash of kahlua might help, but booze isn't served here.

Cheesecake. Relatively OK. Creamy and fresh-tasting.

Apple pie with vanilla ice cream. The pie should have been warmer; the ice cream managed to sit on it for nearly five minutes without melting.

Chocolate fondant. Nicely presented, but all too ordinary.

Cafe Barbera,
Lorong Maarof, Bangsar.

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  1. i so lookin fwd to 12am so i get read a new entry! LOL.

    Too bad on the desserts. Biz can survive only on its coffee u think?

  2. tng: i'm all about consistency, heh. =) their bread and pastries seem to be ok, so they should be able to attract enough customers for that...

  3. Nooo!! I really wanted this place to flourish, and stick it to all them mega chains in the neighbourhood!!

  4. u'd think that they spent so much on their golden plated coffee machine and good coffee beans that they actually come out with some nice desserts, sadly.. their desserts have been a mishap since the day it opened. Let's hope they improve on this soon! Bcuz whats good with a good coffee without the complement of good desserts?

  5. Oh no! So many desserts and all of them so-so only ar? :(

  6. tiramisu without liquor is not an authentic tiramisu!

  7. min: i hear the crowds are still coming though, especially for lunch, so it's safe to say that the disappointing desserts aren't hurting business too much =)
    augustdiners: yeah, if customers don't get to end their meals on a sweet AND satisfying note, then they might not rush to return!
    lfb: we ordered everything that looked promising, but i'll just trot out my favourite cliche here and say that looks are deceiving! :D
    eiling: actually there are some tasty tiramisus out there without alcohol, including at favola. it's more about using other ingredients creatively and wisely to compensate for the lack of booze =)

  8. I agree with you about the desserts. The chocolate fondant was terribly sweet, and the tiramisu in the cup wasn't great. These days, I usually go for their coffees and pizzas. >.<

  9. bangsar-babe: hmmmm, it's really a shame that their desserts are a letdown, since their other offerings seem to pass muster...

  10. The desserts were inedible. Man cannot live on coffee alone. What a pity, considering how pretty the place is.

  11. lemongrass: maybe u could go back and try the sandwiches, the pasta and the salads ... u'll definitely find something edible! =)

  12. power: hits & misses =)