Monday, March 8, 2010

The Pink Sage @ Solaris Dutamas

The Pink Sage has reopened in a new location at Solaris Dutamas, a sprawling complex that is slowly but surely becoming a hub for attractive restaurants.

More spacious than The Pink Sage's old outlet in Dang Wangi. Seems somewhat spartan and half-finished, but it's nevertheless a pleasant place to linger for long meals.

Huevos Rancheros. Creamy comfort food; this traditional Mexican breakfast recipe _ which supposedly means "eggs ranch-style" _ comprises generously sliced avocado, fried eggs, beans, cheese, potatoes, tomatoes & sour cream over crisp corn tortillas.

Eggs Benedict with luscious smoked salmon. Thankfully, breakfast items are served throughout most of the day _ a boon for those of us who skip our morning meals.

Triple-stack buttermilk pancakes. Not the fluffiest in town, but still a well-prepared pleasure, with piping-hot, freshly made boysenberry sauce that wasn't sour at all.

"Duck mushroom cipolla olio" angel hair pasta. Our least favorite; the dish was drenched in oil, the pasta was a bit bland and the duck meat was leathery.

Black Angus cheeseburger. The priciest item here, costing RM38. Worth ordering if you want a thick, not-overcooked beef patty that's way better than a McD's version.

"Fat white" malt Haagen Dazs shake & Root Beer Haagen Dazs float.

Peach, avocado & vanilla yogurt smoothie and Chai Tea.

Cocktail-flavoured iced teas: "Mojito" & "Sangria."

Complimentary bottle of water.

The Pink Sage,
Solaris Dutamas.


  1. Huevos Rancheros - ah yes, the purported "salad" which we ate. Lol. It's a lovely place, much more spacious compared to their first outlet. Service was excellent too. So was the company. =)

  2. Looks like the menu expanded. BUt I've always like their pancakes here. hope it's still RM6.90 for a stack of 3!

  3. pancakes not the best in town? Where's the best?? tell me!!

  4. brekkie all day? cos not likely to make it for brekkie on w-days. cant wait til w-ends!

  5. teh egg benedict looks very good. Wish I could have that now... Still dunno how to get to solaris.. sad but true!

  6. lemongrass: wah, u praised everything (the ambience, the service, the company) except for the food!
    qwazymonkey: yikes, i think it's RM9.50 now (but i'm not sure)!
    tng: hehe, frankly, i like paddington's house of pancakes! i think they stop serving the brekkie dishes during dinner, but gotta double-0check on that...
    eiling: use google maps! just 5 mins drive from the main desa sri hartamas area, so u can't get lost...

  7. Oooh I was just there on Sunday 7 March...when did you guys go?

    the pancakes aren't as fluffy as I remember them but the boysenberry sauce is still as good :)


  8. I miss the Egg Benedict :(
    Solaris Dutamas.. lol! Now I can visit there often, as sometimes I dreaded to drive all the way to downtown KL. Pink Sage is one of my fav places to eat breakfast with Jenn

  9. pancakes are so FUNtastic.. great fun to eat and tastes GREAT! i like carbo in the form of round flat fluffy pancakes, oh yes i do;)

  10. Mmmm...eggs benedict! Time to get myself some. I haven't had them since my best friend became too busy to make me breakfast. =P

  11. Wow, first Yin Yin and now you also made it to Pink Sage last wkend. We were there on Sat and it was so sweet, they recognised us from the last time we dined there at their old outlet. I find the space, a little too big though. Kinda preferred the cozy space from the old place.

  12. yin: heheh, we rushed there on opening day on friday. u know what's strange: the pink sage used to be only five mins walk from my office previously, but i rarely went there, cos lazy to walk under the hot sun! :D
    leo: oh yeah, solaris is a lot closer to pj. and there's much more convenient parking too! =)
    ciki: yeah, whoever invented pancakes deserves to receive great rewards in heaven! =)
    bangsar-babe: yikes, i don't know anyone who can personally whip up eggs benedict!
    boo: ooh, we just missed each other by about 24 hours. alas, they didn't recognize me though, maybe because i rarely visited their former outlet. yeah, maybe if they add more furniture, the place will seem cosier...

  13. We've been waiting for the new outlet to open! Been craving for their stacked breakfast and haagen dazs strawberry milkshake!! The new place looks so spacious.

  14. yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy finally! :D

  15. All day breakfast, YES! This place has my best interests at heart! Smoked salmon & eggs all day, everyday!

  16. curiouscats: yeah, it's been a loooong wait! i think they had previously been scheduled to open before chinese new year! =)
    augustdiners: heheh, u sound very happy :D
    min: heard from becky that brekkie isn't on the menu for dinner, though they might serve it if u ask for it! =)

  17. Agree w Yin, the food ws err..a bit below feels like there ws a change of hands in the chef's dept.

    Service is good. But i'm a bit let-dwn. Will visit again..wil not believe tht they are not as good as they were ! *cross fingers* (cos then I got no plc for my American brekkie cravings! *wails!* )

    And no, they dont do all-day brekkie ;)
    Dinner is just the normal menu

  18. Sean and Boo - I was actually thinking of going there a week or two after their opening to let them settle in but then travel there is traffic-free and parking is a breeze so decided to head there anyways for Sunday brunch :) I really liked their Tortilla soup and Mum's Fish Tacos was pretty good too. Too bad for the pancakes but I'll definitely good back. Will blog about it soon too :)

  19. tng: yikes! hopefully they take note of your complaints and restore the food quality soon!
    yin: yeah, there are enough items on their menu to justify a few more repeat visits =)