Friday, March 19, 2010

Mandarin Grill @ KL Mandarin Oriental Hotel

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Amuse bouche of baked cannelloni with cheese & orange.

Roasted beetroot with goat cheese, portobello mushrooms & walnuts. A terrific salad if you adore beetroot, with a salty boost from the cheese and nuts.

Pan-fried scallops with tomato & paprika risotto, mango salsa & citrus sauce. One of the few disappointments here; the scallops weren't moist and juicy enough. The risotto had an interesting taste though, reminiscent of a mild Indian curry.

Seared sea bream with savoy cabbage compote, shellfish & basil cream. Recommended for fans of hearty, meaty fish with a taste and texture reminiscent of sea bass.

Palate cleanser of calamansi granite & mango sorbet.

Gratin dauphinois, vegetable casserole & Bordelaise sauce. The menu contains an entire page of accompaniments to choose from, with numerous potato preparations, veggies and sauces. Everything seems excellent.

Roasted new potatoes with rosemary, celeriac puree & coriander sauce.

Manjari chocolate ganache with coffee anglaise & choc sorbet. Decadence redefined.

Hazelnut creme brulee with blueberry compote & yogurt sorbet. The nutty scent was a nice twist to what would otherwise be a cliched dessert.

Crianza Gran Feudo, Julian Chivite, Navarra (Spain).

Mandarin Grill,
Mandarin Oriental,
Kuala Lumpur.


  1. Manjari chocolate ganache with coffee anglaise & choc sorbet. I savoured and salivated over every word.

    This isn't decadence, my friend. It's divine deliverance! ;)

  2. omg, sean, u practically live at the mandarin grill. I dunno how u do it. my back ac would be zero by now, if i ate like u!

  3. errr... how many time sdo you plan to revisit Mandarin Grill. You seem to eat there more than I do at McDonald's! haha

  4. lfb: it's probably just a 5-min drive from your office, so there's really no good excuse for u not to try it! =)
    ciki: do what i do: buy only 50-percent-discounted clothes from isetan, live in a tiny one-bedroom apartment, and drive a myvi! :D
    eiling: two more times should be sufficient to try all the good stuff on the menu! =)

  5. 5 min drive? Dude, I can walk there! I walk to the KL Convention Centre and Suria KLCC all the time. Walking is goooood... :D

  6. lfb: walking exposes u to the pity of all the drivers sitting in their air-conditioned vehicles. my heart bleeds for u pedestrians, huffing and puffing under the merciless sun while i weave elegantly through traffic =)

  7. Yes well, sitting in air-conditioned vehicles don't firm up one's butt muscles as well as walking does. ;)

  8. lfb: au contraire ... ever since i read about how michelle yeoh swears by it, i've tried doing butt crunches while driving. sadly, the benefits are negated by all the pumpkin soup i've been eating (u know what they say ... pumpkin goes straight to the posterior!)

  9. I can't afford to dine like you la :P
    like ciki said, my bank acc would be nearing zero.. lol!!! my cloths are definite cheaper compared to your 50% Isetan sale, but I have a family so I live in a double storey house (still paying installment though) and don't ask me what I drive ok?? hahahha

  10. Hahaha... somehow the vision of Dato Michelle Yeoh doing butt crunches while driving is a tad unnerving. And does she even drive? Doesn't she have a chaffeur or something?

    I've heard of pumpkin going straight to a body part but the posterior? I thought it was another P-part? :P

  11. P.S. Ogopogos don't exist. (I did say I'll let you have the last word... on that post. Har. Har. Har.)

  12. leo: hey, my seed shirts are really cheap after discount, ok! actually all my work shirts cost only rm59.90 each. but yeah, having kids really drains your finances, i can imagine!
    lfb: michelle's myspace profile says she enjoys butt-kicking and butt-crunching while taking long drives in the french countryside. :D and nope, latest scientific evidence has dispelled the myth that pumpkin goes straight to the pancreas :P
    p.s. neither does the fountain of youth =)

  13. 1. I remember those days when my shirts also cost RM59.90 only. Now they usually have an extra zero behind them. Time to return to Seed and G2000. Goodbye, Armani and Boss! Maybe this way I'll get to dine as you do. :P

    2. She's got a MySpace profile??

    3. Pancreas ain't the P-body part I was thinking about either. Try on the flip side of the posterior. Heh.

    P.S. True also. Else I'd have drained it dry oredi. :P

  14. lfb: 1. hmmm, but u probably need to look dapper to make all the clients swoon. i don't even have to shave for five days, and nobody in my workplace cares.
    2. gullibility, thy name is kenny :P
    3. the prostate?! oh i give up! =)

  15. joe: next round, next round! :D

  16. 1. Dapper, me? Muahahahhaha... Oh gosh, that's funny, that is.

    2. You. Evil. *sticks tongue out at sean*

    3. One last hint. Rhymes with Venus. *whistles*

  17. lfb: 1. see, u need more seacrest in your life. watching whitfield in his outfits won't help u hone your sartorial skills. unless gasp, u take your fashion tips from lucy lawless! :P
    2. don't stick anything at me that u aren't prepared to lose. i lurve grilled tongue :D
    3. i'll wager it's something that the venus de milo doesn't have =)

  18. 1. You can have Ms. Lawless too, haha. But you do have a point there. Seacrest does clean up nicely. Spiffy lil fella, that one.

    2. *slips tongue back in*
    You. Still. Evil.

    3. You'd win that wager, mate. ;)

  19. Ah, so this is why Kenny's taking 20 minutes to reply to one question on my MSN....

  20. lfb: 1. who u calling little?! he's 5'8'', ok! :P
    2. ahh, u haven't even begun to plumb the depths of my depravity...
    3. poor venus! she doesn't know what she's missing (aside from those arms)
    lemongrass: maybe it's a terribly difficult question leh. if u asked me what the meaning of life was, i'd take a pretty long time too...

  21. 1. Still shorter than me ma...

    2. Plumbing? Lemongrass can help with that, she is so deeeep. :P

    3. Oh, I think she's had some, in her time. More than some, actually. More than most, even. :P

  22. lfb: 1. sigh. i'm 5'6''. barely.
    2. nope, i've checked. she can help u cheat on your taxes, but she doesn't do plumbing.
    3. but have u seen the statue of her hubby, ares? not very well-endowed, frankly :P

  23. 1. It's okay. I don't like people taller than me, generally speaking. I love Lemongrass. See?

    2. She can, she donch wanna share her plumbing magic withchu only. Bad Lemongrass.

    3. Which may explain why she went off bonking other more well-endowed statues. Tee hee.

  24. I saw "21 comments " at the top of tis post and I ws like "wahh.h..must be very good food!!!???"
    Mana tau its Kenny spamming... LOL.

    hmm..wht do they call it after Quadlogy? (pardon the spelling)

  25. lfb: 1. uh-oh. andy whitfield is 5'11''. rome, we have a problem :P
    2. u can spank her on my behalf.
    3. as someone who's bedded 50 virgins, all i can say about her exploits is ... yawn. :D
    tng: ya lor. pening kepala. luckily there are not many working hours left summore today. hehe, i would say quintology, but there's probably no such word. i don't think i've ever done a quintology yet though =)

  26. 1. Ah well. Whitfield doesn't have to be a friend. Just be pretty can oredi. LOL

    2. My pleasure. ;)

    3. Virgins are easy. An experienced lover is so much more fun.

    P.S. TNG, I mana ade spam. The topics being discussed are perennial favourites of mine: Ogopogos, Dato Michelle Yeoh, pumpkin and Lemongrass's plumbing. :P

  27. lfb: someday let's discuss my favorites: venice, darren hayes, avocados, and the seventh posture of the perfumed garden :D

  28. Venezia!

    And the Tail of the Ostrich is more my thing, but you know, to each his own. :D

  29. gondolas! bridges! and the best damn seafood risotto ever.
    yep, that might be wise of u. the seventh posture should only be attempted by experts, at the risk of dislocated bones. ahem. =)

  30. Let's not forget the gelato. And the romance of watery alleys and canals. Perfect for a pigeon-flutter of small affairs.

    The seventh posture? Pshaww! They taught that in kindergarten. Wait till you try The Tail of the Ostrich or the The Ballerina, even. Ahem, ahem.

  31. lfb: i forgot the gelato! yikes! but yeah, those narrow, winding lanes are magical. too bad i had no time (or rather, no chance) for any affairs...
    gee, which kindergarten did u go to. the nuns and brothers in mine never used the word "posture" except to criticize my slouching :P

  32. I think I'm gonna write a blog post with that in the title... "(something something) of Small Affairs." Catchy, maybe.

    Which kindergarten? I think we went to the same one if it has nuns. Maybe the nuns in my class were naughtier? Tee hee.

    (I cannot believe we are discussing NUNS now, of all things! Egads.)

  33. lfb: i know! the ostentatious ostrich of small affairs! no need to thank me or anything =)
    i wonder whether there are even half a dozen nuns still in active duty these days. too bad u didn't study in sfi after that. or maybe u weren't interested in the missionary position :P

  34. Hmm.

    *considers sean's suggestion of a title*

    Uhm, no? LOL

    And well, I had to go to Malacca High, my dad and uncles all did. But it wasn't the same, was it? No nuns, for starters... :P

  35. lfb: bleh. the weeping willow of small affairs? the vexatious venison of small affairs? the undulating unicorn of small affairs?!?
    yep, but no harm done, i guess. u had to go to the second-best boys' school in malacca, but u still turned out ok. =)

  36. You are buying into the lie that Lemongrass and other bloggers are selling you that I am a repeat offender of alliteration. I assure you assidiously that this assertion is absolutely absurd and awashed with avarice.

    Second best? Second best? Know you not our school motto? "WE ARE THE BEST." That's pretty final, squirrelboy. (Ooh, hometown insult that, hehe.)

    This may mean war.

  37. lfb: betty bought some butter but she said the butter's bitter. so she bought some better butter and put the better butter in the bitter butter and made the bitter butter better. :D
    the institution that is truly the best doesn't NEED to (falsely) proclaim that it's the best. we sons of st francis are content to let other people sing our praises. =)

  38. What "other people"? Muahahahahhahaha...

  39. lfb: hey, i suspect u've overloaded my browser's capacity or something. i'm still getting your replies on e-mail, but i can't read them on this page. it's fate telling us to STOP :P

  40. Haha, I think TNG is right. Your comments page is starting to look like mine. :P

    'Tis time to wish you a happy weekend and a Good, Sloshy Friday! :D

  41. lfb: the page is unfrozen again! byeeeee! =)