Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Kupu-Kupu @ Tengkat Tong Shin

This alfresco rooftop restaurant in a recently opened boutique hotel offers a serene escape from the bustle of the city.

If you kidnap some people, blindfold them and whisk them here, they might be hard pressed to guess that they're at Tengkat Tong Shin.

Alas, the menu isn't as inspiring as the setting. The fish & chips are mind-bogglingly cheap at RM8, so it's no surprise that the battered fish is thinly sliced and over-fried, the chips are stiff and too salty, while the coleslaw tastes like it languished in a fridge for weeks.

The house vegetarian pizza fares better, with lots of gooey cheese and wide-ranging toppings on a crisp crust. Not spectacular, but totally OK for RM13.

Wines by the glass cost below RM10. Perfectly drinkable; value for money.

So come for the gorgeous, mosquito-free ambiance, not the food. Order chicken wings with chilled white wine, and simply soak in the atmosphere on a cool evening. Customers who crave a cocoon of privacy might be fortunate enough to have the entire place to themselves.

Anggun Kuala Lumpur, Tengkat Tong Shin.
Tel: 2145-8003


  1. Housewine less than RM10?? and its drinkable?? That's surprising!! I remember I was trilled finding the RM10 or less cocktails in Thai...but was later disappointed as it was total crap!! =P

  2. OK..so their survival tactic is..err.. cheap house wine?

  3. It does look snug and furtive, perfect for a secret soiree! I hope they've got a decent cocktail menu along with the house wine?

  4. It certainly looks like you had the cocoon of privacy all to yourself --- the place looks empty! :P

    So, to recap: Ambiance, not food. Sounds good to me. :)

  5. Looks like the kinda place KM can set his WKW-inspired stories.

    She walks up the stairs, she walks down the stairs, she walks back up the stairs and stare at the moon.

    She walks down the stairs, she walks up the stairs, she walks down the stairs, she pukes at the food.

    She walks down the stairs, she walks up the stairs, she walks down the stairs, she's confused now if she should walk up or down.

  6. hmm...the food doesnt look that bad as you said. Maybe your photography skill is too good! haha~

  7. How is the breeze up there? If it's good enough for you, it's good enough for me! Unfortunately, I'd probably end up starving there since I don't like pizza.

  8. chloe: the wine here is decent, basically good enough to go for RM20 per glass even =)
    tng: heheh, i think they're focusing on the accommodation business, and the restaurant seems like a facility that might not make much profit or loss...
    min: no cocktails, sadly! but yeah, if the exuberance of changkat ever gets too much for u, then take a 5-minute hike over here to help clear your mind =)
    lfb: too bad there were different groups of tourists who would poke in every once in awhile, stare at us and look around before leaving. with all those interruptions in our cocoon, it's no wonder we were unable to complete our transformation into beautiful butterflies!
    qwazymonkey: hey, u're right! but km likes to have tragically depressing stories, rite, so he'd probably end it this way... She's tired of waiting. He'll never come. He's forgotten all about her. She clambers over the brink of the balcony, trying not to rip her cheongsam. She shivers in the cold, cruel night wind, preparing to jump. As she takes her final step off the edge, she turns around, too late, and sees her lover arrive, his stunned face frozen in her memory as she screams and plunges to her death.
    jessyca: haha, thanks for saying that, but i wish that both my photography and the food were much better :D
    lemongrass: the breeze was excellent on a rainy night, more than making up for the lack of actual air-conditioning. heheh, u can order the RM12 spaghetti! =)

  9. I think my friends were talking about this place yesterday when dining at Bubu again! haha... will check it out soon.

  10. eiling: yeah, it's only a one-minute walk away, but u probably should have dinner at bubu first, and then just drinks and snacks here =)

  11. ah ! i wanted to leave a comment earlier but streamyx was &@$%%& !!

    Ah.. regarding.. if you kidnap some people, blindfold them and whisk them here, they might be hard pressed to guess that they're at Tengkat Tong Shin..erm.. U NEVER KIDNAP ME ALSO ?! u only kidnap LL .. chis:P
    anyway, even if u kidnap me don't bring me here la.. bring me to pinksage:D

  12. ciki: hahah, i didn't kidnap LL here, i kidnapped somebody else! :D but anyway, scared to kidnap u anywhere lah. your hubby can hunt me down easily using his outdoor tracking skills!

  13. LOL @yr ending of KM's story. Morbidly, i actually liked yr version! ;p

  14. tng: thanks! i like my version too! :D

  15. Been there las night. Empty and they only had pizza for dinner. Not a large choice!! We had a glass of ok wine. Place is very nice (price for the rooms also very high!) but too empty and not enough choice to feed you!

  16. arno: i guess maybe they find it difficult to maintain a wide menu because there are so few customers. but yep, it does seem to be the priciest hotel/hostel on that street in terms of accommodation rates...