Saturday, March 13, 2010

Sid's Pub @ Bangsar South

The spin-off of Sid's at Bangsar South is slightly larger than the TTDI original.

The "Ben Nevis" burger; take a big bite of this whopper, which features two pork patties, bacon, cheese & a glorious fried egg. Our arteries might not thank us, but our tastebuds sure did.

The Grilled Salmon Balmoral, a succulent fillet coated with oats & herbs, was a healthy counterpoint to the burger. Absolutely satisfying in its own way.

Long Island Iced Tea & White Russian cocktails.

Sid's Pub,
The Village, Bangsar South.


  1. YEs yes.. for a pub their food aint bad ;)

    Love their garlic mayo (alws requested for it for my chips, chic tenders..etc)

  2. That golden yolk is a tender ballad on a rainy day, isn't it? I can't stay far away from this place for too long... it really is too homey for my liver :-\

  3. tng: ooh, will remember to check out the garlic mayo next time! =)
    min: yaaa a real crowning glory! they actually have a third outlet at bkt tunku, which is a lot closer to my office :D

  4. Embarrassingly I haven't eaten Sid's burger despite hearing so much of it! Looks good!

  5. eiling: yeah, the patty tasted a BIIIIIT too processed, but it worked as a whole, since the burger tasted juicy and hearty =)

  6. Oh that burger has MY name on it! Calling me now, it is! *drools*

  7. lfb: don't wait too long to heed its call! =)