Friday, March 5, 2010

Eyuzu @ Eastin Hotel

A pleasant outlet with efficient staff and a wide menu with both hits and misses.

Crunchy fried salmon skin. An unusual, but very tasty, complimentary appetiser.

Our main purpose here was to check out the seasonal Matsutake wild mushrooms. We enjoyed the Matsutake Dobin Mushi (steamed pike mushrooms & seafood clear soup in earthen teapot), which tasted earthy and wholesome.

Matsutake Sumiyaki (charcoal-grilled pike mushrooms). Steeply priced at RM60 for five tiny pieces. Had a nice aromatic flavour, but certainly not as marvelous as truffles.

Assorted sashimi. Also rather exorbitant, costing RM220 for seven pairs of the typical raw fish and seafood. Thankfully, they tasted fresh, having been flown in the previous day.

Marinated salmon with orange-soya sauce. A simple but luscious, comfort-foodish recipe that was probably our favourite for the evening.

Eyuzu Maki, with deep-fried soft shell crab, mayo, cucumber, lettuce, seaweed & flying fish roe. Disappointing. Tasted like a roll that we could get at Sakae Sushi.

Hot Hakutsuru sake.

Eastin Hotel.

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  1. RM60 for 5 tiny mushrooms? =_=

    Crunchy salmon skin sounds good...but I'm pretty sure fried pork lard tastes better! LOL

  2. bangsar-babe: ya lor ... would have been worth it though, if only the mushrooms tasted really, really excellent. heheh, well, salmon skin is probably a bit healthier than pork lard =)

  3. Hmm so finally Eastin is doin something abt their mediocre food outlets?

  4. RM220 for the assorted sashimi??? Thanks but no thanks :)
    I'd rather satisfy my cravings at Sushi Zanmai

  5. that sashimi really expensive even though is by air transport...15RM/pieces =.="

  6. marinated salmon looks hawt!

  7. tng: heheh, for pj area, they're not bad lah =)
    leo: yep, can definitely find equally good sashimi at other places, at much more reasonable prices
    lemonadelime: yaaa, the price doesn't justify the quality and quantity of the food...
    babe: hawt look for a cold dish! :D

  8. waiting fr your next post.. ;p
    ooppss.. 15mins too early ;p

    Jz back frm La Risata - not bad. reasonable prices too. didnt try their desserts tho.
    Had 2 gelato. RM6 each. Hazelnut tasted better thn pistachio

  9. crazyyy ! never eat here man.. however good, there is no reason to be so overprized.

  10. The masutake is highly prized, so I suppose the high price is justified. We should do Japanese food one day. (and mind you, I'll be watching you like a hawk to make sure I get my fair share; ie. 60 me : 40 you)

  11. tng: ooh i didn't realize they offer gelato. i lurve hazelnut-flavoured ice cream, so i'll try to check that out :D
    ciki: yeah, very hard to find value-for-money japanese food at hotel outlets. sigh...
    lemongrass: fine, if we order sashimi, u can have all the salmon, tuna and squid (60 percent), while i'll have all the tuna belly and sea urchin (40 percent) :D

  12. too expensive to eat Jap at a hotel... a no no for me

  13. eiling: yep, can get better-value japanese at other outlets =)