Sunday, March 21, 2010

Ishin @ Jalan Klang Lama

Click here for earlier entry on Ishin (March 18).

Avocado salad. A surprisingly generous portion for only RM12.

Octopus entrails. Salty and slimy, but not as foul as some might fear.

Cucumber with barley beans. A healthy recipe, with the chewy beans providing a textural contrast to the crunchy cucumber. But too bland to recommend.

Grilled giant cuttlefish with teriyaki sauce. Had a pleasant, smoky flavour. Thankfully, it wasn't too rubbery, though it still gave our jaws a bit of workout.

Unagi & avocado maki. Not bad; the thick slices of eel were reassuringly warm and went well with the melt-in-the-mouth avocado.

Inaniwa udon, served cold. Smooth, slippery and nicely al dente.

202 Persiaran Klang, Off Jalan Klang Lama.
Tel: 7980-8228

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  1. I'm hopelessly clueless of OKR area. Hardly venture to this part to makan. But maybe I should... one fine day! LOL

  2. qwazymonkey: i'm terrible with that part of the klang valley too (though i've been hoping to find my way to kuchai entrepreneurs park to check out their outlets someday). this japanese restaurant is easy to find though. it's just on a slope on your left after a shell petrol station, not long after u enter old klang road from mid valley...

  3. Aft the petrol station..i think i knw where! Yea man, lotsa food plcs there but stayin in PJ made me lazy to go anywhr! Ha

  4. @Sean: Went to Ishin a second time on Friday, had better luck this time. Maybe 75% ok? But still not as consistent as I'd like my Japanese restaurants to be... :P

    @Monkey: Devil and I can show you where lah, totally easy to find! (But parking can be a pain though, so carpooling is recommended.)

  5. That avocado salad is a sight for sore Sunday eyes!! Swooonnn! Am liking the look of the portions as well... won't wait much longer!

  6. tng: i forgot the most crucial landmark in finding this place! it's opposite a pappa rich! heheh. even after all these years, i'm still avoid most parts of pj. at best, i'll go to jaya one and jaya33 =)
    lfb: ya, i've been keen to try their premium items (esp the foie gras + king crab combo, the tuna jaw), but i haven't been willing to risk them. feel free to be our guinea pig and let us know whether they're worth the extra ringgit =) i tend to go early, so i can park just beside the outlet. otherwise, park along the slope!
    min: hope u hit the bull's eye with your orders! actually i just remembered that xenri, somewhere down the road opposite pearl point, might be a safer bet for consistently good japanese food in this area (if it's still in business!).

  7. We did try the duck liver and king crab combo on Friday night. It wasn't anything to shout about, really. I miss having Hajime at the back of my condo since we moved... now looking for a new dependable neighbourhood Japanese place nearby. :P

  8. lfb: xenri! isn't there a xenri at wisma elken on old klang road, opposite pearl point. should be about 15 mins from where you live. but frankly, since u work in the city, u have access to hajime and all the other japanese restaurants in the city centre (ozeki tokyo, etc) five days every week =)