Sunday, January 24, 2010

For Goodness Sake @ Bangsar Village

Boasting a bizarre name, this Bangsar Village outlet specialises in simple Japanese fare _ noodles, yakitori, makis, and of course, shiploads of sake.

The robata-yaki menu is only available for dinner, so it's best to head here in the evening for the restaurant's full selection. But if you need a quick lunch, the remainder of the menu, mainly comprising snacks, soba and salads, should suffice.

Skewers of chicken gizzard, liver, soft bone & meat with apples. Not as satisfying as the stuff at Ri-Yakitori, but very reasonably priced.

Quail eggs, ox tongue & beef with shisho leaves. Much of the meat is too heavily salted; the beef was exquisitely tender and flavourful on its own, but the salt utterly overwhelmed it.

Udon with poached egg and Japanese vinaigrette. On the other hand, this was competently prepared and artfully presented, but too bland to really recommend.

Grilled mackerel. We often avoid mackerel, thinking it tastes too fishy and isn't as tender as cod, for example. But this was brilliant, featuring succulent, irresistibly sweet flesh.

Sweet potatoes with salt and butter. Basic comfort food.

FGS Maki (crab stick, avocado & mayo, wrapped in ao nori and topped with ebiko). Well-executed, with fairly fresh ingredients, but not especially memorable.

House sake helped wash down a meal that coulda been better, coulda been worse.

For Goodness Sake - It's A Noodle Bar,
2F-29, Bangsar Village 2.
Tel: 2287-1566


  1. LOL..what a name~ I was at Bangsar too this two days...Didnt even notice this =S

  2. You had me at shiploads of sake but lost me at salt. Absolutely intolerant of sodium overload!

  3. chloe: it's hidden on the quieter side of bangsar village, and it looks kinda like a furniture store from outside! :D
    min: but a good table salt is still preferable to msg, rite ... hmmmm, or maybe not ... =)

  4. sean! that coulda been better coulda been worse.. u funny boy la..1st time i see you 'slurring' on the keyboard.. u crack me up:P

  5. ciki: ahmmm not slurrrrin laaa ... jussthat ahmmm soo happpyyy tooodaaayyyy ... wheeeeeeeeee

  6. looks like a good concept but probably they could brush up on the taste of the food?

  7. So, this was the meal with the Queen eh?

  8. Interesting place...too bad the food was just alright.

  9. eiling: yeah, i believe the food WILL get better as time goes by. or least, i hope so!
    qwazymonkey: one of several meals actually! :D
    bangsar-babe: yup, there's room for improvement, but all they have to do is use less salt =)

  10. Great concept for casual dining. I reckon I'd go back there again on one of my many weekends in BVII after contributing to the national economy.

  11. lemongrass: don't forget to keep an eye out for canoodling! :D

  12. Bizzare name? A bit corny but creative for me lor... It does grab the attention, no?

  13. lfb: then u'll love the name of the outlet that's opening next door: canoodling! :D