Thursday, January 7, 2010

Cafe Barbera @ Bangsar

We heard about the renovations here back in early December, but let's thank AugustDiners (the newest food bloggers in town!) for the tip that this place is now open for business.

As a neighborhood coffee bar, Cafe Barbera has lotsa potential; the pastries are delicious, the service is warm, the ambiance is lovely, and it's open through 11 pm! The only thing that's missing is alcohol.

Multi-grain croissant. Tasted buttery but healthy at the same time.

Smoked salmon with crisp bread. Terrific finger food with super-fresh ingredients.

Tomato basil dip. Thicker than the dip at The Bread Shop; thoroughly addictive.

Cappuccino Shakerato (Italian espresso, milk, crushed ice) & Roma (espresso, cinnamon syrup, chocolate sauce, chilled milk foam).

Cafe Barbera,
Lorong Maarof, Bangsar.

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  1. Looks like a really cute place. Where on Maarof it this at? Pricing ok?

  2. Looks great! Need to start a campaign to get more neighbourhood cafes running! I get aggro at having to get into the car and drive 20 mins to hit the nearest decent cafe.

  3. Thanks for the mention sean, so i guess we'll be expecting floggers with huge ass SLRs running around the place now? :D

  4. wow~!
    I see BREADS!!!!

    ahhhh....tummy rumbling..

    But thts a bit too little fod for the Sean I knw, was it an appetiser then off to atr outlet for a ful blown meal ;p ??

  5. alkie!

    sobs.. really ar .. no alcohol.. boohoo

  6. This is too healthy to be contaminated with alcoholic beverages! haha...

  7. qwazymonkey: it's on the same side of the road as rice cafe... after u pass rice cafe on your right, keep going further after the whole row of shophouses... prices are OK, u can have pastas and pizzas too for less than RM20...
    joe: ya lor, no beer even!!!
    min: heh, yeah, as long as these cafes don't clog up parking near people's homes :D
    augustdiners: haha, actually i think more of us use simple point-and-shoots =)
    tng: u're 100 percent correct! the lack of alcohol prevented us from ordering more food :D
    ciki: yeah, i think they're trying to be a wholesome family outlet ... sigh!!!
    eiling: but a nice glass of chilled white wine would go well with a lot of the bread here! :D

  8. yup.. rad about this place from augustdiners as well... been planning to go but you beat me to it.. lol!!!
    for once... skip alcohol la.. after water, alcohol seems to be the next most important fluid!

  9. leo: alcohol can actually replace water! there are some evenings when i don't drink water at all :D

  10. Hmmm...when are you taking me there? Come we drag nomad along! ;)

  11. bangsar-babe: sounds like we could actually drag many people along! nomad, min, qwazymonkey, leo... :D

  12. Yeah, Augustdiners seems to have a heads up with this place. It's nice in the afternoons, quiet and I liked how some of the old structure has been preserved with the refurbishment.

  13. boo: yeah, a great alternative to starbucks or coffee bean! :D