Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Cilantro @ Micasa All Suites Kuala Lumpur

Click here & here for earlier entries on Cilantro (Dec. 22 & Dec. 31, 2009).
Our Cilantro trilogy concludes here, with a feast of oceanic offerings.

A delicate-tasting amuse bouche of hamachi with yukari ginger, herbs & chives.

The hors d'oeuvres platter was a real palate-tickler, offering diverse tastes & textures. The akagai with kyuri & ponzu, cured saba with nasu & avruga and choya umeshu were all delicious, but we especially enjoyed the comfort-foodish capellini with tarabagani & avocado, as well as the gelatinous raw venison with cuttlefish & konbu.

Japanese oysters with kyuri and ponzu. The ponzu sauce was rather salty and nearly unnecessary, since the oysters were wonderful on their own.

Warm salad of idako with baby cos lettuce. A chewy salad, but the octopus tasted fresh and flavourful enough to make the effort worthwhile.

Consomme of abalone and Hokkaido scallop. Generous portions.

Kinki with scallops. Tender and buttery.

Maine lobster with Americaine sauce. Super-succulent stuff.

Pan-fried Dover sole with mushrooms and aubergine. Not the most exciting fish dish, but a hearty, satisfying recipe.

Chestnut parfait with green tea ice cream. Nutty and creamy; one of the most creatively concocted desserts we've had in ages.

Chocolate terrine with pistachio ice cream. A sweet, melt-in-the-mouth treat.

Passion fruit creme brulee. Perfect texture, awesomely fruity taste.

Katnook Estate, South Australia, Coonawara, 2002 Chardonnay.

Micasa All Suite Hotel.


  1. Cilantro again??!! *envy* I shud really drop by soon..miss the chef's foie gras dishes..Btw, the passion fruit creme brulee looks really alluring^^

  2. chloe: this place really needs multiple visits, cos everything on the menu is worth trying! :D

  3. couldn't agree more!! =D

  4. AGAIN!??? How many times have u visited since they opened? Too much!

  5. qwazymonkey: third time's the charm! but yeah, we'll give the place a rest for a few more months

  6. Gosh...I shouldn't have looked at your post so late at night! Where on earth am I going to find creme brulee at such an ungodly hour? 0_o

  7. bangsar-babe: what's the next best thing to creme brulee? ben & jerry's ice cream from 7-11 maybe!

  8. You must be on a first name basis with the Chef already. I'd love to go back there again, but probably in a month or two when the cravings are too hard to resist! The chestnut parfait looks quite different from his usual offerings.

  9. third time.. so I guess that you have sampled all items in the menu huh???

  10. lemongrass: actually i haven't seen the chef step out of the kitchen even once! maybe he's chained to the stove until 11 pm every nite
    leo & joe: probably 90 percent of the menu, but they're always tweaking their recipes and adding new items...

  11. eikkss...whn is this plc gonna be affordable???

  12. tng: all in all though, sometimes the best char siew can really be as tasty as the best foie gras ... just in a different way!

  13. chef Takashi's hands are all tied up everyday,mon till sat.
    if u noticed,its always busy...=)
    chef uses ONLY the best ingredients&seasonal ones

  14. someone: heh, guess that's why the crowds keep coming =)

  15. yup...that explains as one of the many reasons.=)

  16. gosh, i checked the online menu and the prices here are like CRAZY. But im sure it is worth every single cent.

    BTW, do u know whether they have those "privileges card" discount similar to hilton, and starwood??

  17. augustdiners: ooh, the website is up and running at last! great! :D sorry, i'm not aware of any privilege cards for use here, but maybe u could ring them up to ask...