Saturday, January 30, 2010

Basque Lane @ Mont Kiara

Basque Lane has served Mont Kiara's residents well for nearly half a decade now, offering tasty tapas, pasta, paella and other European specialties.

Minced lamb skewers. A bit too gamy, but very tender and fresh-tasting.

Swiss fondue, featuring gruyere, emmental and raclette cheese with garlic, served with bread cubes. Super-addictive; be warned though that you're charged a few extra ringgit if you request additional bread.

A jug of Sangria helped to chase the midweek blues away.

Basque Lane,
Plaza Mont Kiara.


  1. Oh yeah, I remember them. I just always head on to the Japanese restaurant across of the Haagen Dazs that used to be next to them. LOL

  2. Fondue O Swiss Fondue... O how my heart, er, tummy misses you...

  3. looks like something i had recently:P

  4. qwazymonkey: oh ya, that japanese restaurant is still there, i think. the outlets in plaza mont kiara seem to have a good survival rate :D
    lfb: u should be yodeling those sentiments! =)
    ciki: hmmmmm, u look very familiar. :P

  5. Oh the cheese! muz be quite pungent rite? or at least I think the gruyer is ?

  6. tng: oh ya, it's fairly strong-tasting, but not as bad as blue cheese! :D

  7. Hmmmm.Didn't we just talk about fondue? Since I can't ever go back to the earliermentioned place, looks like I'll have to get my fix here.:-D

  8. lemongrass: this also reminds me that there used to be an outlet called fondue house or something in desa sri hartamas. never managed to check it out before it closed...