Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Puchong Lim

Incredibly tricky to find, this place is too grubby to recommend for its ambiance, but it's worth the hunt if you're curious about exotic meat.

"Ular menyusur akar tak akan hilang bisanya." Snake meat broth. Nutritious-tasting; the meat was stringy but provided a uniquely sweet scent to the soup.

"Bagai anjing dengan bayang-bayang." Dog stew. Dunno what kind of pup was used, but it was palatable, despite a strong flavour reminiscent of mutton.

"Kera di hutan disusukan, anak di rumah mati kelaparan." Monkey stew. Tasted like pork, except that it was really bony. Or maybe it was a skinny monkey.

"Ada musang berbulu ayam." Civet stew. Our least favorite item. Rather gamy; some parts even tasted foul.

"Kura-kura di kaki ditinggalkan, burung terbang dikejar." Soft-shell turtle stew. Loved the gelatinous bits, which reminded us of fatty pork slices.

We ordered toddy to go with the food, but hated it.

Puchong Lim,
Kampung Baru Batu 14, Puchong.


  1. OMG...OMG...U actually tasted the dog & monkey meat...OMG...Fine~ i'll do that as well my next trip there..OMG...

  2. Yikes... even for the adventurous in me.. I'm squirming jz reading tis..

    but yeah, can't resist chuckling at the skinny monkey line. bad la u Sean!

  3. when i was the word puchong i nearly gagged. bow bow.. finally .. he eats with the rats:P

    hahahah :P kidding la.. i love puchong for food. puchong totally rocks.

    say hi to the rats.

  4. what a carnivore you are :-)

    btw, perhaps you should mix toddy with O Gao (Guinness), it tastes much better :-)

  5. I'm still wondering if I'd eat this stuff if presented with the opportunity. It's not because I find it repulsive, coz I don't. Maybe the manner of sourcing (and killing) is a point to consider. Anyhow, I won't stand on moral high ground as I eat food from questionable sources too. All I can say is, you da man. :-) Somemore, got peribahasa. :-)

  6. Sean.. no offense but I'm a dog lover. I can't bring myself to eat the meat.
    However, soft shell turtle, snake maybe can :)

  7. chloe: hope u enjoy it! maybe u can ask for different styles of preparation, cos our stuff all came in claypot stews...
    tng: hehe, maybe one of these days, when u're tired of pork, chicken, beef, etc :D
    ciki: too bad there were no rats on the menu. only dogs, monkeys and civets :D
    ahmok: oh ya, we didn't realize that. the waitress kept asking whether we wanted guinness with the toddy, but we said no.
    lemongrass: hmmm, ignorance is bliss for me, but i've heard that the dogs are bred specially for consumption, so that's why there's a regular supply. hope it's true!
    leo: yeah, i guess 99.9 percent of malaysians would definitely not eat dogs. but it's safe to say that u're not missing out on anything nice. chickens are still yummier than dogs =)

  8. hi sean, i visit your site occasionally even though i'm not based in KL but because it is a great source to note down where/what i should check out if ever i'm around town. and no doubt your gastronomical portfolio is amazing!

    i'm sure traffic in these restaurant increases every time you post a review. and judging from the comments so far, you seemed to have aroused curiosity more than discouraged it. anyone is free to put whatever they like in their mouth, but for someone with influence, your "encouragement" was, permit my criticism, slightly disappointing.

  9. hi kar wai, thanks for your frank comments. i do appreciate your criticism, and maybe i should have restrained my enthusiasm. perhaps it was unwise of me to believe that this post (and my subsequent comments) would not be offensive to some readers.
    i apologize for that.
    however, i might be ignorant of certain facts, but i have no reason to believe that there was any unusual cruelty involved in killing the animals that we ate that evening. so i have to also say that i have no qualms about the dinner itself.

  10. Hmmm...I don't think I can eat all the above. I've tried snake before though...but didn't like it. You're very adventurous la!!

  11. notice the common ingredient use.. lots of ginger and spring onion!! to take off the busukness *pinch nose* =P

  12. bangsar-babe: yeah, maybe that's another reason why all this meat isn't popular. they're not exactly yummy...
    august-diners: u're right! though it failed to cover up the civet's stinky taste...

  13. Phew! Thank God the monkey's not a lil' fat! LOL

    U know what's the funny thing? If you didn't label the pictures, I would think that they were all and the same pot of stew.

    Well done on the exotic meat hunt. Though it may not be my cup of tea.

  14. qwazymonkey: i think i'd prefer my monkeys a lil' fat! =) but yeah, most of the meat looked alike ... black, bony and cooked identically. should have asked them to do a civet curry instead.
    btw, do note that none of the animals eaten here are endangered (the soft-shell turtle, for example, refers to river terrapins that are quite common)

  15. hey, how come the toddy doesn't come with some peribahasa?? hehe. interesting to know that most of the dishes are cooked with ginger. must be to reduce the "heat" in the meat. definitely the most exotic food post i've read in 2010 thus far!

  16. EEEWWWWW.... but if you don't tell me it's dog, I'll probably wallop it as well. This is so exotic!

  17. nic: yikes!!! u try finding a peribahasa that has toddy in it, haha. yeah, i'm not sure why ginger seems to be the go-to herb in chinese cooking...
    eiling: yeah, at first glance, it might look like pork or some other "normal" meat, but when u actually taste it, it smells too funky :D

  18. tried claypot terapin stew,civet n snake broth yrs back. Dare not try monkey n dog stew lor! They claimed 2 hv tiger meat n honey bear paw too, but of course 2 their "trusted VIP" clientele only.

  19. pang: yikes! i don't think my conscience would allow me to order those special items either!

  20. Disgraceful and evil. Poor innocent dogs n monkies. Cruel and beyond disgusted with humanity. Hopefully karma will prevail. MYS is a total disgrace to mankind.