Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Vineria @ BSC Bangsar

Click here for earlier entry on Vineria (January 18).

Bagna Cauda (a salty Piedmontese anchovy & garlic dip with crunchy veggies). The menu's healthiest item, if you exclude the salads (which we always skip anyway).

Deep-fried stuffed parmigiana risotto balls. Chopped into small chunks for convenient eating. An addictive snack, but surprisingly filling, so go slow on them.

Asiago cheese souffle with sauteed porcini and aged balsamic vinegar. The souffle was amazingly airy, with the taste of a mild cheese but the texture of a light mousse. Too bad the portion was pitifully puny.

Ravioli stuffed with duck meat, fried with sage and truffle butter sauce. A terrific recipe; the ravioli skin was soft and smooth, while the stuffing and the sauce combined forces for a powerful wallop of meaty and herbal flavours.

Roasted baby goat. Steeply priced at RM160, but enough to feed two moderately hungry people. Our favourite platter for the evening: the meat was fork-tender and flavourful, though we're still not sure how to distinguish goat from lamb.

Bar Italia's inimitable gelati (vanilla, hazelnut, limoncello, cherry).

Semifreddo with forest fruit sauce. Cold and refreshing.

Organic red wine (Cab. Sauvignon, Santa Julia Familia Zuccardi 2007, Argentina).

Bangsar Shopping Centre.
Tel: 2287-7889

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  1. aiyah should have tried this place yesterday. I was at BSC twenty one.

  2. I spy barley again. (Do you remember if they do any other types of grains?) The roasted baby goat definitely looks similar to the one they serve at Bar Italia. Looks like you managed to try the duck ravioli this time. :-)

  3. we were there too.. shake your booty .. shake your booty yea yea :P

  4. oh my my.. duck ravioli!!

    me thinks goat = mutton (blame it on eatin indian food) and lamb = baby sheep (dont knw whr i got tis idea frm ;p)

  5. eiling: that's ok, the food at twentyone is really good too. well, different cuisine, but i prefer their food compared to vineria's, frankly.
    lemongrass: yeah, it looks like barley comes with all their big platters (seabass, goat, etc). i guess it's something unique, but yeah, it would be nice if they also served quinoa, etc. or many other grains aren't italian enough? :D
    ciki: hope u guys had a great meal too! i suspect this is a place that we'll all be revisiting a few more times ... unless we get distracted by more new outlets at bsc!
    tng: yeps, u're right about the definition! but taste-wise, the baby goat here was really different from mutton curries. a lot more tender and not so gamy. a nice sweet flavour, similar to good-quality lamb...

  6. actually I don't really like the taste of lamb or goat... but I slowly learn how to appreciate the meat (believe me.. it's really slow :P) coz Jenn is a huge fan of lamb/goat :)
    but then.. the duck ravioli will definitely is the pulling factor this time. I'm a sucker for duck meat :)

  7. leo: yaaa i also used to dislike lamb, cos i found it too smelly. it's still not my favorite meat, but when it's nicely cooked, i enjoy it. but like u, i love duck too. if i had to rank the popular meats from favorite to least favorite, it would be pork, duck, beef/veal, chicken, lamb...

  8. The risotto balls are calling my name...Gah, you've been there twice in a week!

  9. bangsar-babe: glad to know a fellow carboholic! :D there might soon be a third time, since there's so much to try on the menu!

  10. Is it just me or is the Bagna Cauda looking like a pile of... uhm... nevermind. :P

    And bro, how you go to all these places so fast fast one??

  11. lfb: heh, i know what u're trying to say! it looks like a pezzo di merda (pardon my italian!) :D time, tide and restaurant openings wait for no man. besides, how else am i gonna kill three or four free hours every evening?

  12. i have to say i love the ambience of this place. esp the outdoor portion. ravioli wit duck meat sounds divine, though not a die hard rav fan. must try la.

  13. fbb: yeah, there are so many great hangouts at bsc now. it's a completely revitalized mall! my favorite ravioli is actually any pumpkin-stuffed one that's sweet and melts in the mouth :D