Thursday, January 14, 2010

Bibitus @ Changkat Bukit Bintang

Frangipani's new wine bar, Bibitus, is an interesting, intimate space, offering a multitude of French wines at surprisingly reasonable prices.

It's a cosy set-up that's much less formal than Frangi's main restaurant.

Bibitus has no official menu so far, but customers can order selected items from Frangi's kitchen, served in dainty portions for light dining. The warm tea-smoked salmon with confit potatoes, creme fraiche & salmon roe was as luscious as ever.

Pan-roasted duck confit with mustard cream & mashed potatoes. The skin wasn't as crisp as usual, but somehow, this tasted even better than Frangi's regular version, perhaps because each spoonful yielded the perfect balance of succulent meat and soft potato.

Gaillac, Mauzac Nature, Par Robert & Bernard Plageoles.

Changkat Bukit Bintang.


  1. Ooh very nice and cosy. But then again, I hate paying retail prices for wines. For the same money, I can have 2 bottles of it.

  2. interesting! looks so much less sterile.. i'd swear it was a difft plc altogether!
    wah, bubbly ar.. what time u crawled home dat nite:P

  3. Tht was appetisers i assume? Hehe..prob filled u up 2% of the stomach space!

  4. eiling: ahhh but the wines here are really a bargain. most are in the RM100 range
    ciki: yeps, so frangi has 3 sections now: the restaurant, the wine bar and the club upstairs, all of which look completely different from each other ... hmmmm, well, this was only a prelude to our drinking that night :D
    tng: these were light appetisers before the real appetisers! or something like that :P

  5. Could've sworn I said something here about the furniture. Must be your word verification thingy which pops up just when you think your comment is thru. Chis! I think I said something about not falling into the pool when you're stone drunk, but now I can't remember.

  6. lemongrass: are u sure u weren't drunk when u THOUGHT u commented earlier today? it's ok if u were ... even the most sober of us can succumb to the temptation of morning margaritas :D