Tuesday, January 5, 2010

The Opera @ Sunway Pyramid

This three-story club in Sunway is scoring tons of buzz over its unique "opera house" concept. Customers can chill out at "The Observatory," a semi-alfresco rooftop area, or sip cocktails in "The Long Lounge," a glass-paneled bar overlooking the road...

... or party at "The Theatre," the main room featuring nightly performances by acrobats and trapeze artists.

The food takes ages to arrive, but it's decent, especially since this is more of a watering hole than a proper restaurant. The Seafood Venezia comprised bruschetta topped with sauteed prawns, mussels and squid.

Asparagus & Brussels Sprout bruschetta. All the ingredients tasted fairly fresh.

Not Bad For An Old Fart (Whaler's Vanilla Rum, Mozart Gold, Mozart Black & White) & Chocolate Mojito (Chacaha Prata, Mozart Dark Choc, Mint Leaves, Lime Wedges, Soda).

Jack The German Motherfucker (Jack Daniel's, Jagermeister, Sweet Sour Mix) & Orange Chocolate Nuts (Vodka, Mozart Amade, Frangelico, Milk).

The Opera,
Sunway Pyramid.
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  1. where exactly is it? inside pyramid?

  2. it's actually a building in front of the mall boulevard ... you'll be able to see it while driving on the main road...

  3. ok..i think i know where then..been waiting for this to open..will drop by this wed

  4. Probably will re-visit the performances & dance floor..not so much for the food ;p

  5. vegetarian bruschetta?? new year resolution to be abit more healthier?

  6. I didn't know that becky is a clubber.. lol!
    received countless sms on the opening of this place but I don't think that I will go there at this moment.. too many places in my must-visit list carried forward from 2009 :P

  7. tng: martial arts experts & circus performers! :D
    joe: heh, nope, didn't think of it that way. but brussels sprouts are tasty anyway =)
    leo: yeah, they're still sending out smses nearly everyday! check the place out later this year, it's a bit different from most other clubs...

  8. Happy New Year Sean, surely you're sober by now? :)

  9. j2fkm: heh, happy new year to ya too. and yep, i'm sober, but not for long =)

  10. Have been repeatedly pounced upon as soon as I touched down KL with indignant pleas to revive clubbing life in 2010 by visiting this place. Do they really have Cirque du Soleil performers in the house????

  11. min: alas, we left before the performers arrived, but i bet they're local acts who are probably proficient enough but not cirque du soleil calibre