Friday, January 22, 2010

Il Tempio @ Ampang

One of KL's best-looking and most unique Italian restaurants.

Il Tempio's setting is wide open yet strangely intimate, living up to its boast of being a jungle oasis hidden a short drive from the city centre. Service is exemplary.

Both the complimentary bread and amuse bouche of pecorino cheese were perfect appetite-whetters. Interestingly enough, they even gave us separate bread platters.

Pumpkin gnocchi with duck breast confit, leek sauce & thyme. A hearty serving; the subtly sweet pumpkin was a pleasant change from the potatoes that often go into gnocchi. Went well with the chunky, tender duck meat.

Saffron risotto with salmon carpaccio & chives. Not too thrilling; the scent of saffron wasn't potent enough, while the salmon could have been fresher.

Ravioli stuffed with ricotta & spinach, tossed in sage & parmesan sauce. Nice combo; the ravioli was light & fluffy, the stuffing had robust flavours, the sauce was slick & buttery.

Morton Estate Brut, Marlborough.

Il Tempio,
Taman TAR, Ampang.


  1. yums.. gnocchi! - i see there's isnt any mention of stodgy here. pass ah?

    Guess the bread is so-so, it is hard to beat Favola's after one has tried Favola's right?

  2. still got mosquitoes or not?! nice food shots sean:D

  3. the place looks nice but hot or not?

  4. Italian and bubbly! Must be some kind of celebration, eh, Sean? The food looks like it's enough for one only. Far from your usual portions, or is this just Phase 1? :-) Very rustic, romantic ambience, I must say.

  5. LL said, how come the food looks so little ah?

    I like the ambiance...but I don't want to be feeding the mozzies. They seem to like my blood more than rif's. T___T

  6. tng: the gnocchi texture was quite interesting actually. it wasn't fluffy but it wasn't stodgy either. but it wouldn't really work if it was in a cheese or tomato sauce... the bread was forgettable. cannot even compare to favola's :D
    ciki: not a single mozzie bite! thanks! :D
    eiling: might be hot in the afternoon, so it's best to come here in the evenings...
    lemongrass: yep, it was phase one of a meal, in a manner of speaking. and yeah, romance definitely feels like it's in the air here :D
    bangsar-babe: haha, well, that wasn't the full dinner actually. but somehow, this place does a good job of keeping the mozzies away. didn't notice any repellent devices, but somehow we didn't notice ANY insects at all buzzing around