Monday, January 25, 2010

Cipolla @ Telawi Bangsar

Cipolla's look is a bit unorthodox, with strikingly seductive portraits all over its walls.

This four-year-old Italian restaurant seems to have revamped its menu recently to include non-halal dishes. That sets it apart from its sister outlets, Ciao and Ciccio, as well as its predominantly pork-free neighbours at Jalan Telawi.

The food here might not be extraordinary, but it's hearty and well-prepared.

Beef tenderloin carpaccio with sliced asparagus, avocado, goat cheese & olive oil. A luscious recipe, with top-notch ingredients that combine for a melt-in-the-mouth experience.

Cipolla Pizza, topped with parma ham, buffalo cheese, parmesan flakes, cherry tomatoes & rocket leaves. Not as fantastic as the version at Chiaroscuro, but still a pleasure, with loads of succulent ham spread over crisp, thin dough.

Oven-baked pork belly with rosemary & wild mushroom sauce. Nothing beats siew yoke when it comes to savouring pork belly, but this is still tender, finger-lickin'-good meat.

Tartufo (combo of rum and pistachio gelati, coated with almond & cocoa powder). We've probably been spoiled by Bar Italia's gelato, since no other ice cream comes close.

Tiramisu. Won't win any prizes, but pleasant enough.

Rose wine (Torres De Casta, Spain).

House cocktails: Cipolla (rock melon, vodka martini) & Satu Lagi (aperol, martini rosso, prosecco). The booze content was a little less than expected.

Jalan Telawi 2, Bangsar Baru.


  1. I betcha Cipolla doesn't come cheap eh?

  2. Dei, with piccies liddat, ur blog sudah jadi 18SX wei. Spot the orgasmic woman. Yeah baby.

  3. Ooh I really could use that pork belly dish... must have by mid-week this week. The Nomad Gourmand, are you reading this?!

  4. qwazymonkey: say ciao to RM50 if u plan to have a filling dinner here without drinks...
    lemongrass: a little salaciousness to help perk up our monday mourning/moaning...
    min: yeah, yooohooo, tng, where are youuuu ... hmmmm i bet she's having an italian lunch at bangsar rite now :D

  5. not cheap indeed :)
    I spotted "pork" again.. hahaha!

  6. leo: heh, surprisingly i only have 93 non-halal entries so far... only about 20 percent of my total posts :D

  7. Is that a chip I see on that tiramisu cup? I don't like it when my bowls/cups are chipped. =P

  8. bangsar-babe: yikes, u're sharp-eyed! i didn't even notice that...

  9. yar LL is rite!! so Xrated!

    and bbabe is rite too.. chippity chip! :P LOL

  10. ciki: heheh, u forgot to mention leo ... he's rite too, that it's not cheap! :D

  11. ohh....
    @minchow - i dont think the food here is too good tho..
    And tht chipped glass - so unforgivable!! wht if i dec to drink my tiramisu and cut my lip/tongue??? Hehehe..yeah, i got weird eating methods!

    Hmm..if minchow is craving pork belly..whr should we go???

  12. Cipolla, Ciao and Ciccio? Another nice trinity of restaurants in KL... And good, hearty Italian fare is exactly what Big Mama ordered for us ailing mortals, overworked and spiritually drained... Hehe.

    Btw, was just telling the other floggers last weekend how whenever we google a new restaurant to check out the review, yours sure come up first! Bravo, mate!

  13. tng: that place that boo blogged about today in pj sounds like a good choice for pork belly! though it's more chinese...
    lfb: yep, ciao's the father, ciccio's the son, and cipolla provides the holy spirits :D i totally agree, there's no better comfort food than a hot plate of pasta. and tnx for the compliment; i love checking out unknown places, so it's a pleasure anyway

  14. We should totally start our own trinity chain of restaurants.... Now, the prob is what names har?

  15. lfb: let's do it! we'll start by opening Giggle (casual dining), then Guffaw (non-halal casual dining), and finally, Grin (upmarket dining). we can argue about what kinda food to serve later, but conceptually, they've gotta be restaurants where everybody's laughing and smiling :D