Saturday, January 9, 2010

Yuritei @ Sentul

This Japanese tea house near KLPac is cosy, but its staff members seem extremely apathetic. Half an hour after ordering, we hadn't received most of our dishes. We had ask them before both the waiter and waitress brusquely said those items were actually unavailable.

Unagi temaki. Cheaply priced at RM4 each, but the sliver of eel was barely worth it.

Pumpkin salad. Nice and mushy, but not exactly a must-try.

Green tea soba with tempura prawns & veggies. Competently prepared, but unmemorable.

Cold sake to help ease the pangs of a frustrating meal.



  1. it looks like u r the only customer they have is it at that time . the place looks empty . n the handroll look so kedekut 1 so tiny .

  2. june: heheh, actually i just avoided taking pics of the other customers. but u're right about the handroll; i think u'd find a better one at sakae sushi

  3. I find the food here so-so only lah, just ate there out of convenience. Least then we weren't the only one around. LOL

    The fishes in the pond looked more delicious. :P

  4. qwazymonkey: ya lor, the most convenient option for dinner before catching a show at klpac...

  5. definitely give this a skip.

  6. eiling: a wise choice!

  7. tng: there's still hope for it to improve!