Saturday, January 30, 2010

Espressamente Illy @ Pavilion Kuala Lumpur

Click here for previous review of Espressamente Illy (Bangsar, Oct. 25, 2009).
This Pavilion branch is a lot more slick and stylish than the one at Bangsar Village.

Obsessione (ice cream, Bailey's, whiskey), The Omerta (illy espresso, vanilla gelato with 'secret liqueur') & Ritorno (coffee-based version of Black Russian).

Espressamente Illy,
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  1. 'secret liqueur'? LOL. I'm afraid I tend to associate "secret ingredient" with bodily secretion. My bad.

  2. yikes! that's new to me. i hope u keep your secret ingredients to yourself! =)

  3. yeah I actually like the Pavilion one better. Better environment and can smoke outside. My favourite coffee is at Illy's!

  4. eiling: hehe, i don't smoke, so i usually sit inside... but oh wait, one of my friends is a smoker, so he might drag me outside...