Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Cilantro @ Micasa Kuala Lumpur

Cilantro is finally back, looking not all that different despite the long refurbishment.

As expected, the crowds have begun packing this place from Day One (regardless of the staggering prices _ none of the main courses costs less than RM118). The restaurant was empty when the doors reopened at 6 pm, but a few hours later, it was a hive of activity.

Bread with truffle butter. We finished two whole servings and asked for extra butter too!

Angel hair pasta with sea urchin. A slippery sensation. Other outlets offer similar versions of this, but Cilantro's might be the best: the firm yet delicate pasta would be praiseworthy on its own, but the uni added a milky, subtly sweet flavour that made it perfect.

Wagyu beef tartare with poached egg & anchovy toast. Tasted light, fresh and healthy.

Meuniere of tara shirako (cod sperm sac) with foie gras. A creamy combo that the phrase "melt in the mouth" was invented for.

Slow-cooked chapon with mushroom fricasse and foie gras. Really, this just proves that EVERY recipe should include goose liver. It's like the surefire secret to success.

Ginger-infused blanc manger with mango sorbet. Luscious, though not something we'd try again, since we're not major fans of ginger or mango.

Feuillantine of balsamico ice cream and mascarpone. A refreshingly chilly dessert that brought out the sweets-loving kids in us.

Bruno Paillard MV Brut Premiere Cuvee champagne.

Micasa All Suite Hotel.


  1. Looks like I better book before I go since it's been packed. Reckon everyone is waiting for it to be opened. Perfect timing with the year end.

  2. boo: yeah, better safe than sorry! even their private rooms had been reserved in advance by groups of diners...

  3. U the man lah! U should be honoured with the Restaurant Patron of the Year. *bow bow*

  4. wow! wow! wow!
    Everything looks good wei...
    and cod sperm sac?? U jz got to ordr that the moment u saw it right?? ;p

  5. qwazymonkey: heh, hope that award comes with some dining discount vouchers! :D
    joe: time and tide wait for no glutton! =)
    tng: yeps, foie gras with cod sperm are a match made in heaven! no need to even chew :D

  6. i haven't even been to the old cilantro. is the quality maintained or improved? prices must have gone up right?

  7. yea, Lemongrass said she saw you there! u must be speedy gonzales.. :P the place looks empty though..

  8. eiling: no reduction in quality, but i think the prices have crept up a bit :D
    ciki: yeps, my friend and i were leaving, just as she and tim were arriving. the pics were taken at 6pm, so we were too early, heheh =)

  9. Angel hair pasta with sea urchin - Chef Takashi has perfected this dish. I remember trying an angel hair pasta with tuna in Sage that was equally amazing.

  10. lemongrass: the sea urchin pasta was on the degustation menu too that evening, rite. hope u guys enjoyed your dinner! yeah, chef takashi's favorite pastas seem to be capellini and angel hair ... i guess those go well with his other ingredients :D