Sunday, January 17, 2010

Elysium @ Asian Heritage Row

A recent addition to Asian Heritage Row's nightlife, Elysium claims to showcase elements of Greek mythology, though those influences aren't immediately apparent.

Elysium's main room is where most of the party-goers flock, but there's also a lounge upstairs, called "Sicily," for those of us who prefer a more chilled-out setting.

So-so cocktails, nothing inspiring. Mojito and Long Island Iced Tea.

Asian Heritage Row.


  1. yee haa~ i was away for a few days..really miss yr blog =) hahaha..great to be back and continue to keep up with yr updates =)

  2. I think I confused Elysium with Elysian, which prompted me to Google it up and learn! Haha, love the classical studies that lie within these party joints!

  3. this is very new right? looks quite empty.

  4. chloe: welcome back! hope u had a great time gallivanting in jakarta =)
    min: yikes, u just made me google it too! i remembered it was something rather morbid, but my norse mythology is better than my greek :D
    eiling: yeah, it opened before x'mas. but i'm usually in and out before the party crowd arrives.

  5. credit must be given to Asean Heritage Row for the ongoin attempts to revive tht street

  6. tng: i suppose so, though its days as an f&b hub are probably over for now...