Thursday, December 31, 2009

Cilantro @ Micasa Hotel Kuala Lumpur

Click here for earlier entry on Cilantro (December 22).

Amuse bouche of tuna with fish roe. Tasted really fresh. Wouldn't mind having an entire platter of this.

Cream of truffle soup. Good to the last slurp.

Cappelini with mentaiko, scallops and prawn. The seafood was fresh and luscious, especially the plump prawn.

Fried foie gras with unagi. A match made in heaven.

Braised ox tongue with foie gras & madeira sauce. Creamy decadence.

Grilled Wagyu sirloin with garden veggies. A fatty, flavourful cut.

Selection of French cheese, with five different kinds of goat cheese...

... as well as various cow and ewe cheese. Divine in their stinkiness.

We settled for a mix of Saint Maure, Mimolette, Epoisses de Bourgogne, and two others whose names we've forgotten.

Perrin Reserve Rouge 2007 Cote Du Rhone (France) & William Fevre 2007 Chablis (France).

Tatachilla 2006 Cabernet Sauvignon (France).

Micasa All Suite Hotel.


  1. Fried foie gras with unagi? Oh sounds like my kinda heaven to me... :D

  2. lfb: and we don't even need to get in line for st peter to let us in :D

  3. oh god, i definitely want to make a visit makes me drool.

    judging from the empty seats it is not full house everynite?

  4. has the friday lunch set launched? what about the degustation menu???
    there are many special occasions at the beginning of the year :) maybe I can fit it in...

  5. i wonder how much this meal cost

  6. eiks...the cheese!
    will wait for the Fri set lunch then!

  7. "Amuse bouche of tuna with fish roe. Tasted really fresh. Wouldn't mind having an entire platter of this." -- Me too, me too! =D

  8. I guess you didn't go for the degustation menu. So, how much did the meal cost?

  9. I wanna go to Cilantro! Who want to take me there?!! Anyways, happy new year to you!

  10. "あけましておめでとう!!" Happy New Year Sean^^ Wonder where did u go for your 'last dinner of the year?'

  11. joe: actually the photos were taken early in the evening. the crowds only come in after 7pm =)
    leo: i think lunch will only be served from late january onwards, but the degustation menu is available for dinner...
    vivien: oops, can't quite remember, sorry...
    tng: an acquired taste, yeah! :D
    bangsar-babe: fresh sashimi is heavenly!
    munkeong: yikes, my memory is terrible!
    eiling: am sure u'll be heading there soon! =)
    chloe: tnx, chloe, happy new year to u too! my last meal for 2009 was in penang! :D

  12. cilantro has started our Executive Friday Luncheon. it's a 4 course Set menu @ RM150nett per person with a complimentary glass of Kir Royale. what's more is that it's corkage free for lunch so you can bring your own wines..jason/cilantro