Thursday, January 21, 2010

Fukuharu @ Terrace Hock Choon

Click here for previous review of Fukuharu (June 10, 2009).

A more recent visit to Fukuharu provided a pleasant surprise: they've expanded their menu, with intriguing specials that remain firmly Japanese without fusion twists.

Cod fish roe with mayonnaise sushi. Milky, melt-in-the-mouth roe combined with soft rice and warm, creamy mayo for the ultimate comfort food.

Raw salmon tossed with grated Japanese yam. Generous slices of fresh sashimi were the main attraction in a recipe that might initially seem a bit bland.

Natto tempura. A different way of enjoying natto; this tones down the stickiness and strong flavour that some love and others hate in typical natto dishes.

Flash-seared butterfish with fresh onion ponzu. Well executed, though not as memorable as the other platters.

Grilled Eringi Mushroom. A treat for mushroom lovers, but kinda chewy.

Unagi tempura. Mild-tasting; it's still unmistakably unagi, but not as sweet. Nevertheless, it's a hearty, nicely battered preparation that's worth trying.

House sake washed down a satisfactory dinner.

Terrace @ Hock Choon,
Jalan Nibong, Off Jalan Ampang.


  1. Please check out our Facebook page for further details.

  2. Yippee, more things to try at Fukuharu! Must be a Japanese day tday since I also posted abt Jap food.

  3. Aiyah I haven't make a trip there yet! Must go soon. The food looks very appealing.

  4. wahhh... i also havent tried this place!
    *note down in makan book* ;p

  5. My only experience of natto went the same way as my first experience of Korean food at the age of 10. :-P

    Seems like a pretty exciting selection now. Good for them.

  6. *gulp* Jalan Ampang... *sweating just at the sight of the street name*

  7. justin: tnx for the link!
    boo: hungry minds think alike :D
    eiling: u'll probably like it. nice venue for those of us working in the city
    tng: i wanna see your makan book! :D
    lemongrass: i think i NEARLY had that experience with goat cheese the first time
    leo: heh, if u're ever stuck on jln ampang, just head to this restaurant to chill out until traffic eases =)


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