Friday, January 1, 2010

The C. Club @ Pavilion KL

Despite our love for air-conditioning, sitting at The C. Club's outdoor balcony is irresistible, with a sweeping view of Bukit Bintang as the backdrop for dinner.

Teriyaki-glazed slipper lobster with seared foie gras in balsamic reduction & spicy mango salsa. The plump slice of slipper lobster would be better paired with a thicker chunk of liver.

Pan-seared scallops sandwiched with foie gras on pickled pumpkin and onion marmalade. Good combo, though the scallops were kinda overcooked.

Lamb shank confit with risotto, topped with mixed garden peas and sage tomato beurre noisette. A rich, hearty and full-flavoured dish. The lamb was mostly tender, though parts of it were somewhat charred.

Grilled aged tenderloin on wakame & hijiki with wasabi & sea urchin beurre blanc, topped with broccolini & tempura shimeji mushrooms. Another interesting recipe, but the beef was rather tough and the butter sauce seemed watery.

Desserts fared better. The C. Club Supermisu (tiramisu with crunchy almond praline, raspberry coulis, cocoa powder) was as good as tiramisu gets without alcohol in it.

Dark chocolate sponge sandwiched with cognac-scented choc mousse and choc ice cream. A true treat for fans of chocolate (raise your hands!).

Argentinian Michel Torino Don David Reserve Malbec 2006.

Carrot & apple juice and pineapple juice.

The C. Club,


  1. 440 post for the past year! 440 eateries!
    LOL. a record easy to beat this year i think ;p

    Happy New Year!!

  2. Yesh to choc dessert!! LOL at TNG's comment - 440 indeed! Let's see you up the ante this year! Happiest NY to you!

  3. tng: yikes, i'm probably gonna slow down a bit this year. but still one entry a day, hopefully. happy new year to u too :D
    min: it's been fun so far! tnx for reading. :D hope u've had a great vacation and that u're looking forward to what 2010 has in store!

  4. Not just you...but I think everyone would love a thicker chunk of goose liver, no? =P

    Happy New Year!

  5. bangsar-babe: heheh, yep i guess i shouldn't be too demanding! =) best wishes for 2010 to u too!

  6. Love reading your blog and love the pics too! Eat & drink healthily, ya! :P

  7. smilingkit: will try! heheh, this blog entry turned out a weird colour because of the lighting though :D