Friday, January 29, 2010

River Garden @ Ipoh Road

A popular draw, thanks to its affordable, reasonably tasty food.
(The empty tables in these photos are deceptive, since we arrived early and snapped our shots before the crowds came)

Double-boiled chicken soup in coconut. Can't go wrong with chicken soup. Tasted nutritious enough, with the fruit supplying an extra dose of sweetness.

Roasted pork. Succulent and fatty, but would be better with crisp skin.

Venus clams. Straight from an aquarium. Meaty clams, with a substantial bite.

Snakehead/haruan/"sang yu" soup with kudzu vine & Chinese yam. Supposed to aid wound-healing. Had an appealingly sweet, non-fishy flavour.

Drunken prawns. Fresh crustaceans, soaked in a salty soup that we lapped up.

Pork blood porridge. A bit bland; the blood was soft and smooth but tasteless.

Eggplant Szechuan-style. Not bad, though it lacked a spicy kick.

Haruan with yam. Absolute comfort food, with a lovely home-cooked feel.

Ipoh salted kampung chicken. Tender flesh, but not really remarkable.

Braised duck with "fu yee" (fermented chili bean) sauce. A recipe of robust flavours, but the duck was too bony to truly enjoy.

River Garden,
468-B2, Batu 3, Jalan Ipoh.


  1. wah!!! all those only for 2 pax??? seriously?
    Jalan Ipoh.. hmm, gotta punch into GPS to know the exact location. Any landmarks nearby???

  2. Food ard Jln ipoh alws reasonably priced!

  3. Boy...the drunken prawns sure look yummy! What's with the all the ducks here? All so skinny...nothing much to bite on. =_=

  4. Can the Ikan haruan soup heal a wounded heart as well? :p

  5. joe: heh, nahh, it was a 6-person meal....
    leo: yikes, i'm terrible at giving directions. ermm, it's at the far end of jln ipoh, near a kfc, i think =)
    tng: dim sum and bkt, rite :D
    bangsar-babe: yeah, maybe they should feed the ducks with something else!
    android: ahh, the only (temporary) remedy for that is alcohol :D

  6. wow looks good and its in Jalan Ipoh? unbelievable

  7. babe: yeah, quite different from the other dim sum and bkt outlets on this road =)