Saturday, January 23, 2010

Lebanese Garden Restaurant @ Ampang

There's not much of a real garden here, but a small fountain cultivates the illusion of being close to nature. The main attraction, however, is the home-cooked fare prepared by the outlet's friendly Middle Eastern owners.

Warak ainab, steamed grape leaves stuffed with rice and veggies. A simple snack that's perfect for whetting the appetite.

Labneh, strained yoghurt with olive oil. The ideal dip for the complimentary warm bread. Not too sour, not too oily.

Moussaka. Soft, healthy-tasting aubergines and tomatoes. Absolute comfort food that tasted amazingly light; we felt like we could have eaten this all evening without feeling full.

Lamb marinated with pomegranate. Tender, meaty and flavoursome.

Lebanese Garden Restaurant,
Lorong Nibong, Off Jalan Ampang.
Tel: 4251-5245


  1. I'm still not able to tell the difference between the various types of Middle Eastern food, i.e. how does one distinguish Lebanese food from, say, Yemeni cuisine.

    A couple of years back, I did get a chance to try some amazing Lebanese food in Abu Dhabi. The hummus was very good - it's something I can't get tired of, but the grilled meats got a bit excessive after awhile.

  2. lemongrass: i've been trying to learn about that, but it's tricky, especially since it involves having to remember recipe names like fattoush and tabbouleh!
    as far as i can tell, most of our middle eastern food here in kl is of the lebanese variety. but then most it seems to overlap with turkish and yemeni cuisine too. the only country that stands out might be morocco, where we can get couscous, pastilla, tagine and harira...
    then again, these are all assumptions that i've made from visiting middle eastern outlets in kl. since i'd rather visit langkawi than lebanon, i'll probably never get a first-hand experience.
    p.s. it's a bit like italian cuisine, right. most people might lump it all together in the pasta category, but there are dishes that are unique to venice, rome, florence, etc...

  3. I love mid eastern food! Must be all the dips & BREADS ;p

  4. tng: take a pita bread baking class! :D okie, let's do a good middle eastern restaurant one of these days!

  5. fattoush sounds like someone with a fat ass :P and tabbouleh is like someone who constantly says "THEY CAN'T" !!

  6. ciki: omg u're right! lol ... that's even funnier than hummus/hamas :D

  7. why the labneh looks like the humus at some middle eastern restaurants? do they taste similar?

  8. eiling: yeah, middle eastern food is so confusing! but no, labneh and hummus are different ... labneh is yogurt, while hummus is basically made of chickpeas... they're both creamy, but taste different...

  9. I've been hooked on tabouleh after first trying it at a Yemeni restaurant in KL. It's a form of a salad, anyway, and you know how much I love my salads. :-) Yar, I suppose you're right. It's like Malaysian food oso...Kelantanese, Northern, Southern....

  10. lemongrass: yeah, despite all the carbs, middle eastern food actually IS kinda healthy. definitely more so than malay, chinese or indian food anyways. and also since we can't get drunk at most middle eastern restaurants :D