Friday, May 21, 2010

Prego @ Westin Kuala Lumpur

One of my favourite Italian restaurants in the city centre, all things considered.

Prego succeeds with these elements: service that puts customers at ease, a setting that makes them want to stay, and food that's generally good.

Soft-boiled eggs with crisp polenta, rocket, balsamic & black truffles. Nicely done, but would be even tastier if they had been more generous with the truffles.

Crab & arborio rice cakes with almond aioli. Satisfyingly crisp and chunky.

Gnocchi with parmesan & brown butter. A bit too oily to thoroughly enjoy.

Tagliolini with black truffle shavings & parmesan. An utterly decadent treat for carboholics who also love cheese; far creamier than any carbonara, but addictive to the last bite.

Salt-crusted sea bass with steamed new potatoes, fennel & lemon butter sauce. Seemed fairly fresh, since it was moist but firm. Fans of fish should have no complaints.

Black mussels & clams with cherry tomatoes, white wine, garlic, parsley & bay leaves. Reasonably juicy and flavourful.

Hazelnut chocolate from Turin, topped with hazelnut ice cream. Met expectations, with a light, smooth texture and a subtly sweet, nutty taste.

Three-chocolate semi freddo (milk, white, dark). Creamy and chilly.

Not sold at Prego, but eaten here: Delectable By Su's "7 Sins of Chocolate."

The Westin Kuala Lumpur.
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  1. The gnocchi looks like a dream! For all this gnocchi gushing, I think I've not had a taste for years! This might break the spell.

  2. Your decadent dinner makes the hearty Italian meal I had with Cumi dan Ciki, Minchow & BryanCKLee last night look positively lightweight by comparison! How did you manage to eat so much? *blinks blinks*

  3. haha.. not sold at Prego, but eaten here: Delectable By Su's "7 Sins of Chocolate." !! wish it was , so more ppl could enjoy it right sean?

    the gnocchi looks great.. so hungry!

  4. turin? from where the shroud hails? wow.

  5. min: heh, yeah i always order gnocchi if it's on the menu, since there only seem to be a handful of places that offer it! :D but if u order it here, u might wanna ask them to go easy on the butter!
    lfb: a nice coincidence that the three of you were the first commenters on this post :D lightweight?! it was five of u at paradiso versus only two of us at prego *wink wink*
    ciki: oh yeah, it'd be really cool if her desserts were available more widely. but probably someday, rite? :D
    fbb: yeah, i had to google this, but turin is dubbed "the italian home of chocolate," with a chocolate festival every february! according to a new york times article: "in no other place in the world, and certainly no other city in Europe, do so many pastry shops and chocolate-makers roast and blend their own cacao beans"

  6. The last picture, is it a sparkling shiraz? looks nice. And I can't help but to ogle at the soft boiled eggs, cos they looked so perfect!

  7. eiling: oh, it's a rose wine, but i forgot what type. yeah, those eggs were excellent, with soft, runny yolks inside :D

  8. My point exactly. Five of us could barely finish what two of you evidently did. :P

  9. lfb: hmmm, having only eaten with ciki before, she's definitely more of a grazer than a gobbler, so i guess the other four of you are the same. but remember, it's never safe to leave a would-be cannibal hungry. :P

  10. I am... hmm, I'm not sure what sorta diner I am. Gotta ask Cumi & Ciki, Minchow and Bryan, I guess. Maybe a Talk-A-Lot-While-Munching-Disgustingly sorta guy? :P

  11. lfb: well, sir talk-a-lot, u're no guzzler, for sure (which leaves more booze for the rest of us, yippeee!). i like eating with people who keep chattering, cos that frees me up to surreptitiously consume the lion's share of the meal without them realizing it (i usually order all the food to "share," tee hee).

  12. You sound like a good makan companion when we wanna diet. And I do need to diet, sighs. :P

  13. lfb: just don't complain when u glance toward the food and realize that i've eaten 5 out of the 6 slices of pizza while u were talking :P

  14. Hi Sean,

    We must say, thank you for your support to The Westin KL. =) You've ordered what we deem "signatures" @ Prego. Have a great weekend ahead!

    Well, if you and your partner are interested, we just launched a new dining concept @ Qba. it is called B4 @ Qba - Beer, BBQ, Banda and Bandido. Free-flow of beer and selected cocktails as well as a selection of BBQ delights. =)let me know if you're interested. Starts at 4pm to 8pm, tomorrow.

    Be well,
    Yoke May

  15. yokemay: thanks for the info! will definitely try to drop by some other time to check out the B4. sounds like a great excuse to start drinking at 4pm, haha :D

  16. Me, mind that? Hmm, I had half a slice of pizza last nite. Whaddya think? :P

  17. lfb: half a slice?! paradiso was that bad, huh. maybe we should go to italiannies instead. :P not sure which is the more pressing need: to get u away from tmn desa, or me into tmn desa :D

  18. Nah, it was really good. Home-cooked meals. Just that I had my fresh and raunchy bruschetta and my spicy Sicilian Zuppa di Mare and my lusty fettucine carbonara before... and in very hearty portions too! Half a slice shared with the Devil was all we could both managed.

    Italiannies... Bleah.

    You obviously need to come to Taman Desa. One has not lived till one has visited this idyllic suburbs. :P

  19. lfb: raunchy bruschetta & lusty fettuccine? i've been missing out. my crab cakes at prego were chaste and the gnocchi seemed positively virginal :P
    perhaps the best compromise would be to have the first part of dinner in the heart of our vibrant metropolis, followed by dessert in your kawasan pedalaman :P

  20. thanks for changing my mind about prego. i'll hv to go another time to see if it's consistent, though....

  21. Ah Italian, I've found, is best taken more nasty than nice. ;)

    And cis and double-cis, "kawasan pedalaman"? We got "Metro" paper here and "polis" beronda just the same as the city centre... also "metro-polis" ma...

    (Okay, I give up. Me just rambling now...)

  22. lemongrass: go during dinner! that's always the best time to really evaluate a restaurant :D
    lfb: and with that, it's best that i bid u adieu for today, before u turn me into a nutcase too :P

  23. Greetings,
    Firstly, please allow me to introduce myself as the Restaurant Manager of Prego.
    We wish to extend our sincere Thank You for the favourable feedback on your experience you encountered at Prego.
    Thank you very much for your honesty, which in return gives us an opportunity to identify or strengths to ensure Prego remains an unforgettable dining experience for our guests.
    We hope the experience has been a good one that will keep you coming back for more.
    We would be delighted to welcome you back to Prego.
    Please feel free to contact me at +603 2773 8013 or e-mail;
    I look forward to meeting you soon.
    Thank you.
    Be well,

  24. naveen: no worries, i'll definitely be returning to prego many more times in the future. coincidentally, was back just yesterday for the sunday champagne brunch, and had a great time :D

  25. Hi sean! Totally love ur blog so much! It seems that you introduced Prego in few posts. hows the food yea? nice?expensive?

    and if i plan to celebrate my frens bday,any nice restaurant recommend in PJ area or bukitbintang area? thanks yea...

  26. Likwen: Prego is very good, but a meal here will cost around rm100 for three courses. U might also like Bistro a Table at section 17, or maybe werner's at changkat Bukit bintang =)