Sunday, January 3, 2010

Kanpei @ Micasa Kuala Lumpur

Micasa's coffee house looks pretty sleek and inviting. We stepped in for cocktails after one of our recent dinners at Cilantro, but still had stomach space to order tidbits (even though the menu was relatively unadventurous).

Chicken satay. Not sufficiently smoky and flavourful to compare with real hawker versions, but tender & meaty enough to recommend.

Kanpei Killer (whisky, triple sec, brandy, fresh lime, orange squash, mango juice, angostura bitter) and Kanpei Chill Out (iced lemon tea, gin).

Micasa All Suite Hotel.


  1. wow.. u never stopped eating while i was gone! LOL.. missed ya.. good to be back..:P

  2. even better to have u back! looking forward to exotic vacation posts with lots of foreign food :D

  3. Yes, I was keen to walk in esp after Cilantro but decided to leave it for another time. Love the new pool layout at Micasa though.

  4. kanpei sounds like cheers in mandarin! this is pretty sleek for a coffee house indeed.

  5. boo: yeah, cilantro is hogging all the attention! i like the poolside area too, but was cracking my head to remember what micasa looked like before the refurbishment!
    eiling: ahhh i was wondering what the name meant, i thought it might be japanese :D

  6. Hi Sean!

    I am Yoke May from The Westin KL. Been following your blog for quite sometime now. You're like my food directory! We have a media event coming up 13 Jan. Would you be interested? Sorry to contact you this way, couldn't find you on twitter and such ;)

    Be well,
    Yoke May

  7. hi yoke may, thanks for reading! it's been a long time since i've eaten at the westin, but i'm a big fan of eest, prego and qba. am definitely anxious to return to all three later this year. i might not be able to make it on jan 13 though, but u could contact me on gmail or twitter. my id for both is seanyoong. thanks for the invite! =)