Sunday, October 25, 2009

Espressamente Illy @ Bangsar Village

Espressamente Illy's appearance is deceiving; it may look like a simple food kiosk at Bangsar Village, but it serves some excellent cocktails too.

Pate Pomodoro (sundried tomato pate with bread). The pate was pretty flavourful; too bad the bread was plainly run-of-the-mill.

Vegetarian al pollo (Italian omelette with chicken, mushrooms, cheese and spinach). A thick slab of egg that almost tasted freshly whipped up.

Arancini (Sicilian rice ball with beef ragu and mozzarella filling). Could have been better. The batter was perfect but the rice inside was all dried out.

Piadina Rinforzi (Italian flat bread rolled with roast beef, gorgonzola blue cheese, baby spinach and caramelized onion spread). We rarely order sandwich-like stuff, but this was worth it. The warm slices of beef were fork-tender and went well with the other stuffings.

Spaghetti Al Tonno, with tuna, capers, anchovies and kalamata olives in tomato-based sauce. We were skeptical about this, since we're not big fans of tuna or tomato sauces. But it was another pleasant surprise; the tuna wasn't fishy and the sauce wasn't too sour.

Red Velvet. Skip this; you'll find a better version downstairs at The Daily Grind.

Alcohol-based Gelatos (Cointreau & Orange and Crunch & Rum). Very nice.

Sgroppino Limone (lemon sorbet, prosecco, limoncello) & Spritz Aperol (aperol, prosecco, soda). The range of alcohol here is darn impressive.

Choko (chocolate ice cream-based cocktail with coffee liqueur) and Vodka Espresso (vodka & kahlua shaken with ice and liquid sugar).

Espressamente Illy,
Bangsar Village.


  1. Oh gawd!
    I walked past this plc like everytime i go gym and wasnt the least tempted to eat here!
    Cos it does look like it serves run-of-mill food.
    But Piadina Rinforzi (Italian flat bread rolled with roast beef, gorgonzola blue cheese, baby spinach and caramelized onion spread) & alcoholic gelato got my attention!

    Perfect aft the gym meal ;)

  2. Wow, this is a surprising find! It looks like a standard grab & go kiosk... never did give the menu a second glance! And cocktails to boot! Will def give this a go!

  3. tng: haha, yeah there are lotsa healthy salads and sandwiches here. check it out next time :D
    550ml: yeah, it's the booze that attracts me here, since bangsar village only has a handful of alcohol-serving outlets...

  4. The Vegetarian al pollo looks very pleasing to the eyes... I would pair this pie with a cup of illy espresso.

  5. tarts: heh, i'm actually not a big fan of coffee, but that sounds like a good idea =)

  6. and I thought the outlet only sells coffee and cakes/pastries over at Pavilion's.
    didnt realise they have such an array of dishes.

  7. j2kfm: yeah, they started out with limited items but expanded their menu along the way. worth checking out =)