Friday, July 3, 2009

Senses @ KL Hilton

For previous review of Senses, click here (Feb. 23).

Sweet cured Wagyu bacon with baby spinach leaves, roasted hazelnuts & apple. While Wagyu beef is reasonably common, this was our first time trying Wagyu bacon. Tasted slightly fattier than regular beef bacon.

Seared Strausbourg foie gras with South Australian quince, balsamic gastrique and hazelnut espuma. The portion was larger and the presentation was lovelier than what this photo shows, but we forgot to snap a pic before we split the foie gras between the two of us. Might not look pretty but it was pretty yummy.

Veal shank raviolo with garlic-sauteed escargot, sweet peas & courgettes. Merely OK. Maybe they should leave the Italian dishes to Italian restaurants?

Western Australian Hillside Farm lamb striploin Senses-style (coal-grilled with roasted Portobello mushroom, spring onion, corn & sweet peas and tomato basil jus). If someone asks why we love meat, we'll just point to this platter.

Chateau Sainte-Matie Bordeaux Superieur 2004.

KL Hilton.


  1. Wagyu bacon... must be lk melting tracing paper in ur mouth.. !

  2. i wish! but no, it was tender but not melt-in-your-mouth ... not very memorable actually.

  3. I've tried that smoked dish Elfwing does at MIGF and it was awesome. Been meaning to visit but somehow never got around to it. Guess, I shld make an effort as I heard they do great value lunches.

  4. the smoked ocean trout? it used to be on the regular menu, and i keep returning, hoping to try that, but they keep saying that the equipment is out-of-order and being repaired...