Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Lobby Bar @ The Gardens Hotel

A nice-looking lounge but eerily empty on a recent weekday evening.

Decent bar snacks; the crisps and cashews were both satisfyingly crunchy.

Long Island Iced Tea and Bloody Mary. Cocktails were shabby though. One had too much Coke, the other too much tabasco; neither had much alcohol.

Lobby Bar,
The Gardens Hotel & Residences.

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  1. Is tht a celery in tht Bloody Mary?? so ugly worr..

  2. HAHAHAHA! I don't know why but Nomad Gourmand's comment just got me so tickled! It is a massive stalk of celery... surely not quite enough Bloody Mary to wash it down??

  3. nomad: i think the celery passed its expiry date!
    550ml: i've never quite understood the point of celery with bloody mary. must go google it...

  4. NO wonder it was almost empty... the cocktails were almost halal. Can't make head or tails out of joints where they cannot decide whether to serve cocktails or mocktails.

  5. i guess it's just a way to cut costs? but yeah, it's kinda insulting to customers.

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