Friday, July 24, 2009

Xin Cuisine @ Concorde Hotel

One of the city's most stately and steadfastly traditional Chinese restaurants.

Century egg with Szechuan sauce. Creamy & flavourful. Pure comfort food.

Poached pork slices with chilli vinaigrette. I usually avoid cold Chinese appetisers, but this was not a bad choice. Definitely not bland at all.

Herbal chicken. Forgot that this is a typically salty dish. Decent but unexciting.

Xin Cuisine,
Concorde Hotel.


  1. Concorde... the very place where I had my wedding dinner :) miss it!
    I forgot what dish was good... but their Peking Duck is quite commendable (disclaimer: I had this 2 years ago)

  2. i guess usually the bride and groom have not much chance to eat during their own wedding dinners! but then again, u probably sampled the dishes before the dinner. :D

  3. Concorde Planter's Inn buffet was yummy the last time (errmm 6 mths ago?) when i went for a co event..

  4. ouh yeah, most of the hotels on jln sultan ismail do pretty good buffets :D

  5. u r so right Sean :) but then I had the replacement meal (exactly the same dish that I ordered) one week later... as there was an extra table that night!

  6. wow..very classy food blog over here... so hungry seeing all these food esp at this time of the night.. better go down and ransack the kitchen now..

  7. reanaclairs: thanks for dropping by. hope u managed to find something good in the fridge! =)

  8. Hi Sean
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    P/S: We have put your name and link credit back to this article.